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No matter what you do, do not take your finger off the screen of your phone. MSCHF, a corporation that aims to create a trendy identity by producing viral videos, is lifting the wraps on its latest move, an online challenge with as much as $25,000 on the table.

How is it that you win the cash? Open your new download, place your finger on the screen, and don’t delete it. Whoever in the world can keep his finger on the screen for the longest time is going to win a cash prize, though the exact amount of that prize is actually up to the folks the winner beats out. The app’s users must vote on whether the winner of the contest will take home $25,000, a penny, or an amount in between.

On the App, the application aptly named Finger is the 24th drop of MSCHF. The drops of the company take place every two weeks. It is one of the first collaborations that the company has made with YouTuber MrBeast, which has over 37 million subscribers and has become known for some of its fitness competition videos. MSCHF’s planning director Daniel Greenberg says this new move has been 4-5 months in the works.

“This is a one-time game; everything that MSCHF does is built to be short-lived,” says Greenberg. Users are unable to place a stylus on the screen and instead rake capital. A competitor would have to follow a tiny circle on the screen and within a certain time frame move their finger to the spot. The basic UI mechanisms are supplemented by other precautions to ensure the winner uses his finger on the app, not software that can spoof user actions.

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“We’ve taken God knows how many precautions it takes to avoid cheating,” says Greenberg, who wagers cautiously that the app may be “uncheatable.”

What’s the point of all the funny little stunts? The app’s finger has no ads, no sponsors, and no admission costs. Employees and investors at the company are betting that the sum of these drops might be MSCHF morphing into the next Supreme. The organization has received capital of at least $11.5 million according to SEC reports.


The company does its best to create mechanics that encourage users to drag their friends into the contest apart from trying to ward off cheaters. By playing next to friends within the Bluetooth range, users can earn extra lives in the game.


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