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There a million apps that have found a home in the app stores like google play store and apple app store. But, isn’t it wondering that in those million android apps, how many of it you have in your phones right now?

Well, even if you have installed or checked thousands of app on your smartphones. You can never check the whole lot that is available for you.

It is because some of the apps are so annoying and unsatisfactory that you cannot bear them on your smartphone.

Yes, not each app that is developed is equivalent and most of them are far from perfect. Either they have a bad GUI, security issues or have worst user mapping, no one wants to use such apps.

Not only apps that are unmonitored or shunned by users that flood google play store space but also popular apps from big companies are pushed out for being irritating, trashy, spammy and much more.

Such annoying apps usually drain up your battery, shows plentiful of ads, and can ask you to pay & update and more.

Planning to get an app

Why Google banned 600 apps in one-go?

Recently in February 2020, Google removed 600 apps. Isn’t is a big number?

Yes, obviously it is.

The apps were removed because of the annoying pop-up ads that used to make the user feel irritated. The apps were not fulfilling Google’s disruptive ad policy, as well as disallowed interstitial policy and google,which is serious about its regulations and policies.

Apps that were removed used to display ad content all over the screen with inadvertent clicks. The apps also included impairing and interfering with the usability of the device functions.

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Google was able to remove apps at once with the help of an innovative machine-learning based approach that the company recently developed.

So, now you should be cautious as your favorite app may lose space from the play store as Google is on a mission to remove dodgy apps.

Users don’t like to invest their time in such kind of apps. But how will they come to know what is good and what is bad unless they try it yourself?

For the same, we have scoured the play store to let you know about the 12 most annoying apps of playstore.

I know there are plenty but these apps are the ones that you might even find it in your phone right now.

Annoying Android Apps

iconDolphin browser

The best web browser has 150 million downloads and still counting. The app was ad-free, supported HTML 5 video streaming, flash supporting and more features make it the best. Alike UC browser, it has a tracking nightmare and also saves your website’s visit in the incognito mode. Who does that? go check and delete it now.


Clean it

The app has around 10 million downloads and has 4.5star ratings. The worst of this app that it made false pop-ups that you’re your phone is in harm by a virus. It used to clear cache, ram and kill all the apps. Removing cache leads to slow down the phone, ram leads to more usage of battery. Altogether the app was totally useless.


Photo collage

A photo collage app that has over 120 different frames to set your favorite pictures. You can personalize the frame by adding text and also has fun backgrounds. You can yourself check it out. The worst of the app was it had a lot of ads and it has a constant DU quick charge ad on the lock screen- that could be humiliating.  If you can handle the ad, then you can check out the app and other similar and better apps like photoshop.



Quickpic was one of the most used photo gallery apps. It was simple to use and waspreferred by many. It had a well-sized userbase. But a few years back, cheetah mobile bought it and started uploading user’s data to their own server.


Music player

The app was good as it used to play music that was saved in your browser. It became obsolete after the introduction of other apps that allowed online streaming of music while providing high quality at the same time. The app had a lot of ads and was claimed to use loads of data and heavy battery drainage.

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UC browser

The popular web browser in China and India. It should not be on your phone as tracking is done by them. The user’s search results were sent to the search engine without any encryption. User’s device information even the location was also given to Alibaba’s analytical tools.


Clean master

Another fake app that was downloaded in a huge number. A speed booster, phone optimizer, and a battery saver- all in one app. The number of downloads crossed 600 million and that is insanely huge and the 5star rating done by 26 million users made the app famous. The app was developed by cheetah mobile that was known for bloatware and ad-campaigns that made the ads stick to your lock screen. Android phones now come with managers that optimally utilize the RAM of the upgraded phones.


Antiviruses app

In actuality, there exists no antivirus till now as there are hundreds of ways to attack and take your phone data. So, all those apps promising security wasa waste of effort. Many PC system antivirus providers also offer apps for smartphones. They are actually unnecessary until you have your phone rooted or download the app from a third-party.


DU battery saver & fast charge

It also claimed itself as the battery saver and also has the high number of downloads. An app doesn’t have the ability to make your phone charge at a faster pace. The worst of the app was to manifest ads on your notification bar and lock screen. So, every cool graph you saw was totally fake to evoke users to download the app.


ES file explorer

This was the best file explorer back then. Most of the smartphones stopped including file managers in their apps. ES file manager gained a large userbase. It is a one tool package to manage everything on your phone. The free version had a lot of bloatware and ad-ware and it cribs about downloading additional apps.


Constant crasher on Facebook

Did you ever think the biggest social media platform has such a glitch? Yes, Facebook for android used to crash constantly. Many users reported the problem that after a few minutes of using the app, it used to freeze and pop up that the app has stopped working. Finally, Facebook removed the glitch from the app and now it works fine. Maybe it was only for the timebeing but it had serious problems and users switched from app to browser after that.


Noisy notifier on Instagram

No one liked the time when Instagram had a noisy notifier whenever a friend joined Instagram or posts stories. Well, this was very well understood by the most used social media platform. You can switch off the notifications pop-ups by going to settings and stop them. so, you get no more updates from your contacts.


It is possible that one app that is great and easy to use for you may be worse for the other. So, liking an app depends on person to person. Here I have shown just 12 apps, but there are more like audio cutter, mp3 player and more. Do tell us about them.


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