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People are looking for more convenient options to travel and mobile apps have certainly contributed a lot in this. On-demand taxi apps like Yandex, Uber, Lyft, Curb, and Hailo have gained much popularity due to their innovative approach to offer convenient and flexible cab-hailing options. Among all these taxi apps, Yandex is an amazing app that is known for its distinct approach by making effective use AI technology to deliver sheer comfort in people’s lives to access cabs on their fingertips. Yandex was a Moscow-based taxi app that was launched in 2011 and later merged with Uber in 2018. Apart from offering taxi services, Yandex is a Internationally acclaimed brand that offers food deliver services too.

In this segment, we will discuss how and why this amazing taxi app gained much recognition and what aspects you can learn from it to deliver a similar app like Yandex Taxi.

A Brief Overview of Yandex

Yandex manages its taxi services under the name Yango that has more than 36 million users worldwide. The app is used over 15 different nations with exceptional performance in allowing people to access instant cabs. The app has its own mapping, routing, and navigation technologies and it also has a machine learning-based order distribution system. Now let’s discuss some unique features and functionalities that made it the most preferred taxi app not only in Europe but throughout the world.

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Amazing Set of Features

First of all, you need to develop three different panels to assure easy management of your taxi app. User panel, admin panel, and user panel will be required to develop an app like Yandex. We will discuss the features according to these different panels so that you get a clear idea about how exactly your taxi will perform.

Amazing Set of Features of Yandex App

User Panel Features

  • Easy Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Location
  • Vehicle Category
  • In-app Chat
  • Booking Options
  • Notifications
  • Live Tracking
  • History
  • Reviews & Ratings

Admin Panel Features

  • Payment Management
  • Driver Verification
  • Report
  • Transaction manager
  • Wallet Manager
  • Data Management

Drivers Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Edit/Update Profile
  • Accept/Reject Rides
  • Route Navigation
  • Ride History
  • In-app Chat
  • Payment History

We have tried to include all features that have helped Yandex to gain distinct place among umpteen on-demand taxi apps available on the app stores. However, you always have the option to incorporate some highly advanced features that will make your app more effective and up-to-the-minute.

Cost to Develop Yandex-like Taxi App

Apart from the taxi app development company in UAE, the size of the team employed for your project, kind of tech stacks they use, and the number of advanced features also add to the development cost. Hence, you really need to prepare a detailed project requirement doc where you must be clear with what you want to offer through your taxi app and how it will be delivered.

Cost to Develop Yandex like Taxi App

Still, to give you a rough estimate, the total development cost to develop a Yandex-like taxi app will cost somewhere between $ 40000 to $ 50000 and if you decide to incorporate some advanced features, it may go up by $ 60000 to $ 80000.

How to approach the Best App Development Company

For this, you have to perform extensive research on the internet to look for the best app development company to get technically sound mobile apps. It must be a reputed and trusted name in app development industry. Moreover, it’s also a major aspect in deciding the development cost of your app as the per hour development rate varies a lot among different app development companies depending on their geographical location.

approach the Best App Development

You can also refer to some rating agencies like Clutch, Software Suggest, and GoodFirms which offer authentic information on the app development processes of different firms. Also, don’t forget to explore the website of companies and look for their profiles that how many taxi apps have been delivered successfully by them.

How to Monetize Your Taxi App

Before approaching any app development agency, you must prepare a well-designed revenue model for your taxi app. After all, generating revenue through it is the primary target for any app owner.

The more downloads your app gets, chances to get advertisements will increase and you can display ads on your app to create good revenue through them. Hotels, restaurants, club houses, and resorts will fall in line to display their ads on your app.

The taxi fares that you will be able to get from your taxi bookings will be a major factor for revenue generation.

Hence, you just have to maintain a calm mindset and decide with your priorities and we hope, this article would have answered most of your queries that will help you to develop a responsive and swift taxi app from renowned taxi app development company in Dubai.

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