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Social Media apps have completely transformed the way we interacted with people. Especially, during this pandemic period, when the world was almost locked with no one to meet and nowhere to go. Apps like Clubhouse have gained much attention and has reached 10 million downloads within a year. With 2 million weekly active users, currently the app is valued at $ 100 million. The figures are appealing enough to grab your attention if you are planning to develop social media applike Clubhouse. In this blog, we have discussed various crucial aspects regarding the entire app development process so that you can gain maximum outcome from your app.

Understanding the Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that launched its iOS version mobile application in March 2020 and has also launched its Android version in May 21. Clubhouse offers opportunities to listen in on and participate in different conversations on different topics. Social media app development has offered us some tremendous apps and Clubhouse is known for its networking opportunities, panel discussions, and live podcasts. Users can simply access various community experts in fields like education, fashion, backpacking, foreign languages and many more things. Receive active notifications on all major events and stay updated with your dreams to make them come true. Let’s have a look on features that a invitation-only social audio app must have:

Features that Create a Difference-

  • Easy Registration
  • Discussion Rooms
  • News Feed
  • Activity
  • User Profile
  • Filtered Search Options
  • Upcoming Events and
  • Push Notifications

The thing to be noted here is that you can’t just download the app and start using it. You must get an invitation from a registered user. You can also download the app through virtual registration process or can simply buy invitations from eBay.

When you have an invitation link, you can download the app and login using your social media account or e-mail. It will ask for a username and a photo to get involved in conversations. You can add all your crucial professional information in your profile to let other know about your active professional status.

Cost of Development for Clubhouse-like App

Cost of Development for Clubhouse-like App

Launching an app like Clubhouse for a single platform (Android or iOS) will cost you somewhere about $ 25000 to $55000. However, the cost may also rise to $100000 to $150000 if you choose to include some advanced and top-notch features in your app.

There are several factors that affect the development cost for an app and some among them are:

  • Geographical location of the app development company
  • Size of the project
  • Complexity of project
  • UI & Kind of tech Stack used for the project

It should be noted that developing an audio-only social media app like Clubhouse for Android platform will cost you much in comparison to the iOS version. Hence, you must make a decision wisely whether you want to start it with an android version, an iOS version, or with both.

Prepare a detailed project requirement list but be sure that you include features and functions that best reflect your business idea. As each innovative aspect will be adding to your development cost, so, it is better to start with some basic features and functionalities and then evaluating the response for the app, you can provide updates on the software later.

Tech Stack & Time Duration

Hiring an expert Flutter app development company will surely give you good results. An experienced and professional app development agency would take 5 to 6 months to develop an app like Clubhouse. It depends on the complexity of project and if you have asked your development agency to incorporate a bulk of advanced features, the development time may even exceed six months.

Now let’s discuss another major aspect that is related to tech stack and is also a key factor in getting a robust-performing app like Clubhouse.

  • Programming Language: Kotlin for Android Development
  • Programming Language: Swift for iOS Development
  • Use JS for Back-end Development
  • Prefer Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications
  • Use WebRTC for Voice Streaming API
  • For Cloud Storage: AWS or Azure
  • For Real-time Analytics: Azure Stream Analytics
  • Use Live sports streaming API
  • For Geolocation: Google Maps API
  • Database: SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra

Make sure that mobile app developers use the best advanced tech stack for development purpose as it is tech stack that offers a robust platform for your app to perform without any glitches. You can ask them to include these most widely used tech stacks for your Clubhouse-like app development.

End Note

People often look for such apps to express their views on various hot topics and share their thoughts and values through innovative and flexible platforms. Hence, making an investment in a social media app like Clubhouse will surely prove to be a game-changing decision in your career. Individuals, marketers, and e-commerce players are also becoming a part of these apps to know their audience tastes and preferences. Hence, you will have lot more options to monetize your audio-only social media app.

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