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We seldom realize, but we are right in the middle of the futuristic technologies’ transformative stage. The world of mobile applications will bring a disruptive change in the lives of a common man. The trend of mobile applications is becoming an integral part of smartphones for decades now. The world of mobile apps is the fastest mounting segment in the mobile world. With the ever-growing recognition of mobile apps, various OS providers and app development companies are also coming up with their application stores.

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As per the strategic developments in the app market, tech experts are projecting a remarkable jump in the sphere of mobile applications. Even during the pandemic situation, led by coronavirus didn’t impact the app industry. During the COVID-19 case, when all other sectors witnessed a notable downfall or stagnancy, the app world showed relatively optimistic statistics.

Based on the changing dynamics and inclination towards mobile applications, along with these applications, the concept of Virtual Reality will also witness a skyrocketing increase. Tech experts observe that more than 50 percent of audience traffic for a particular business comes from smartphone apps. Going by the reports, humans will be engaged more with smartphone screens than computer screens. Companies and brands are leaving no stone unturned to introduce the mobile-friendly apps to reach their potential customers. Consumers, regardless of age and profession, spend more than four hours per day on mobile applications. It is a golden opportunity for startups and big brands that leverage trending mobile devices’ full competence. The rising advent of smartphones, along with apps, is perchance the prevalent technical phenomena in the present time. A mobile with appealing apps has now become the remote control for humans’ lives and can effortlessly enhance the businesses.

It would be an impractical thing to imagine our lives with mobile phones and applications. Various software and hardware brands are working off over the decade to slender down all the devices’ features. The remarkable journey of smartphone evolution can be traced back from the old BlackBerry to the current iPhone 11.

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The smartphone makers are trying their best to come up with unique features to bring in more customers. From keypad to QWERTY to touch screens and to foldable displays, the mobile industry has changed multifold in over the last ten years. This growth in the mobile app market is mainly due to the high usage of mobile applications acquired in various fields of work. Android and iOS are two giant operating systems that have maintained their top place in the past few years. When it comes to multiple platforms, these two players are irreplaceable. In the battle between them, both offer parallel features apart from one key difference of being an Open and Closed source.


Well, the last decade has shown us the fruition of new technologies in the app industry. A massive amount of tech trends are arriving in the mobile app industry, and yet more are on their way to come. The development of mobile applications is also encouraging the e-commerce industry to grow. It’s pretty alarming that you will have to free up some space in your smartphone for future applications. Are you ready to explore the giant strides of mobile apps?



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