Looking into the mobile interface, mobile application seems to be very easy. But it involves with various complicated procedure, then only we get the end product as an amazing mobile application. Mobile app development begins with the planning process. It involves creation of idea, then proceeds with the selection of platform which is the crucial step for any mobile application development process. After that wireframe comes into the picture which would help in the expansion of initial idea, establishment of structure and functionality. Within the process of planning it involves with the research where the target audience is recognized.

After the planning, there it comes with the development process, where the prototype is being tested i.e. the look and functionality according to your vision. Then it continues with the building of backend, an area where IT administration and app development must interact with each other. Within the mobile application development process, some tests are conducted which are centred on checking the compatibility, usability, functionality and any sort of interruptions. After the test, then it comes the last process of mobile application development process i.e the marketing process.

There are various things which are needed to be tested rigorously before launching it. These tests are must because this is the last opportunity when all the bugs and errors within the mobile application are verified thoroughly. After all the bugs and errors are verified then it comes up the grand day when the mobile application is launched.

But the process does not come to an end, it continues with the post support period,i.e. in case any bugs or errors slithers in between then it can be rectified within that period.

With all the steps below, it proves that it is a long and a challenging process.

Mobile Application Development Process


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