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More and more people accept & are becoming addicted to upgrading technology. People are more active on different social media platforms rather than giving time to each other on a personal note. Social media platforms encourage users to become more familiar with the grounds and connect with other people.

Have you ever wondered why users across the globe are using and loving the handheld devices?

Of course, you may have. It leads us to live a life that is full of ease and comfort. Mobile app development is booming as now we have mobile apps available for every domain. Mobile apps are the main reason for the growth of mobile app development industries. The mobile app enhances the capability and usability of smartphones.

Over 4.5 apps reside in the top app stores- Google Playstore and Apple app store. The uprising stats of apps clearly shows that mobile sales are overtaking desktop purchases. In today’s era, the development and design of the app are not achieving by efficient drawing or elegant buttons and fields on the app. It depends on how a user will navigate through your mobile app to fulfill his/her purpose.

The users are inspecting the user-interface of the mobile apps, along with watching over the products, comparing prices, buying, and reviewing. If you are looking forward to developing an app that your niche audience or users appreciate and spend more time on it, then you have to try developing an app which is more user-friendly.

Here, in this post, we will enlighten you on how to improve mobile user experience.


Go for native app development

The best thing about the native app development is that users are already aware of how to use it. For example, if a mobile app always informs you on how to navigate from one screen to another, it will be highly irritating and unhealthy for you. But when your users are already aware of the elements and functioning of the app, it’ll be easy for them to get hold of the app.


A simple app design will be effective

When a user accesses your app, they do it for a purpose like entertainment, gaming, or more. If they find any hindrance while fulfilling the motive to use the app, they’ll get frustrated. Get rid of the unwanted features and functionalities of the mobile app as it may distract the user away. Try to keep a simple yet effective app design that is understandable for the users.


Improve consistency

Consistency in UI design assures the usage of the same application. The user will be assured of the right path if they encounter your logo and header design of the app. Also, consistency in the navigation system will result in consistency in user experience. Try to get rid of the conventional-design in your app as it will only end up frustrating the user. The consistency in the app improves the trust factor among the users.

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Improve search feature

Considering the goals of the user’s visit to the app, you should enhance the search feature within the app. If the app delivers poor navigation and the useful links of clicks are difficult to find, then there are high chances that your user might bounce back from the app. Incorporate a better in-built search engine to make the search faster and easy. The easy navigation with advanced search feature enhances the utility and usability of the app.


Animate your transitions

It is an effective way to develop and deliver a seamless flow of cursor or experience while a user is navigating through the app. An animated transition in-app whenever a user completes an action will be highly effective. Some of the practices for effective animation implementation in an app.

  1. Don’t include animations without prior user action.
  2. The animation can be implemented in a manner that informs a user on how to complete an action.
  3. Don’t overload your app with animations.


Test your app

It is necessary to test your app in real-time. Cu

rate different test cases and note down the result for each. You can also go for remote user testing as it is very efficient in drawing out the bugs. After the reviews, the app development team can focus on quality assurance and get rid of the bugs. Also, go for the alpha & beta testing method to get actual feedback on the application.


Try to deliver an efficient mobile experience to the users. 75% of the people download the app, go through it once, and uninstall it due to the lack of effective user experience and project management. Consider all the above points before getting an app developed. Disclaimer

Akansha Pandey

Akanksha- Revenue Generation and Sales /App promotion Being in the position of VP in Sales at Fluper, Ms. Akansha Pandey has already worked with several clients internationally. She has her core expertise in Revenue Generation, Sales, and App Promotion. Having previous years of experience, Ms. Akansha has accomplished itself as an effective communicator and resilient motivator with a dedication for persistent innovation and improvement.

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