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That is the modern world in which we work, and the age of phones. Most applications nowadays are required for anything and everything. Choose one thing, and hopefully, an app is open to it.

Mobile applications are the best way to reach customers for any business. No wonder why there are so many mobile app development companies sprouting up. 82% of people use their phones for guidance while shopping, 91% switch to their phones if they need input into a job, according to Google. The Google Play Store has millions of Android apps, which are planned to be created thanks to various start-ups.

It is no secret that Android has a greater consumer base than iOS in the fierce competition for market dominance between iOS and Android. Therefore, you need an Android app for your business if you want to expand your consumer base. And you have to find the best android app developer for this purpose.

Wherever you are, you need to check for the creation of mobile apps in Chicago, IL, or Seattle.

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The following is a list of the top 10 mobile app development companies in the USA. If you are a new company and want an Android app to be created for your product, these are your best bet.

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1Unified Infotech INC

The Unify Infotech INC is one of the best software and app development firms in Chicago, IL, US, and its experienced, professional team will carry your product dream into reality whether you are an entrepreneur or big business or searching for the Mobile app development company Chicago.

Unified Infotech, recognized by Clutch.com, delivers good performance on time. Started in 2010, the organization is not only producing web apps and iOS but also powerful Android apps with state-of-the-art technologies.

Unified Infotech INC

Unified Infotech would pay all the hidden costs of its unique Android app creation if you are submitting a ready-to-use Android device.



It has regulated the testing, research, promotion, architecture, branding, and development, programming and supporting skills of a full-service technology company. From Custom software to new IoT, AI and Blockchain solutions, Fluper provides a wide range of services. The department has experience in the manufacture of devices, from telecommunications to education, representing businesses in over 20 sectors. The trained and skilled employees are specialists in the field of research, examination, marketing, design, business branding and development skills. Fluper is a full-service information service organization.



Majestyk was founded in 2011 and is a New York-based mobile app development firm. Your engineering team will provide app development and UX design for small, medium-sized or large companies.

We have ample experience in developing Android apps such as DJ Booth and Chevrolet’s social experiment device, to offer the Android app the right touch to get more consumers.



In Chicago IL, Hashrocket provides a large or small business with impeccable operation with another office at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, in the area of app development.

They delighted their clients and built good relationships through their communication skills and their research of high quality. If you are searching for a team of experienced and trained developers to create your application, they are the right choice in producing native Android apps.


Mobikasa is one of the best options for choosing if you want to extend your Android app with a broad range of services in app development, web design, and digital marketing. Mobikasa will help you develop the Android app if you are searching for the Android app development company Chicago, IL, or New York, or LA.


Apps including 1–800 flowers, Spotpog, Critical Accessibility are examples of the Mobikasa team’s skills and talents. They deliver the best possible apps to satisfy all your business needs, custom-made Android app.

6ITechArt Group

ITechArt Company has partnered with over 1000 professional developers to give their customers the best solution as one of the most influential mobile app development firms in New York.

ITechArt Group

This covers conceptualization, architecture, UX / UI, app development, QA and continuous monitoring and enhancements to your Android App throughout the Android app. Your outstanding engineering team has already provided around 150 Android apps. Your team of seasoned Android developers, with 70% of the older, will create the perfect Android app for your business.

7App Partner

The Brooklyn-based App Partner has worked with all manner of firms from Fortune 500 to small startups. App Partner develops applications for various platforms, including Android, iOS and many more, a team of professional developers, designers, and engineers.

App Partner

Your successful Android apps like Bleacher and GoTenna have not only created some of the best designed Android apps on the market but also contributed to a long-lasting relationship between you and your customers through their efficient service. Developer Alliance is one of the top choices in terms of your Android app creation needs to achieve an experienced Android app production and long-lasting relationship.

8Small Planet

Small Planet is one of the world’s leading app developers, based in New York. Help customers transform their products into interactive interactions. You can provide resources like UX mobile and web growth, product management, quality assurance, and research, as well as start-up advice.

Small Planet

Small Planet has previously worked with firms like Aetna, Code Girls, Walt Disney Parks, Voto Latino, etc. Small Planet develops native Android apps with the help of Java and Kotlin to meet your business requirements and engage more customers with your service. Looking to develop your mobile application with the Android app development company Chicago, IL? This can be helped by a small planet.


Whatever the scale of your business, SWARM builds designs and creates applications for you. They concentrate on their mobile app creation and design processes to create value and customer experience for stakeholders.


At SWARM, engineers become more informed of the relationship between users and a device to build effective Android apps. The developer team focuses solely on supplying you with Android’s best quality app for your company from conceptualization to growth.

Your skilled developer team will not only help you with the development of your app but will also provide you with advice on the best way to make use of your app. So you can still get your consultancy with SWARM even if you’re looking for an Android app designer in Chicago, IL.


With its understanding of an application and its purpose, SnapMobile is one of the best choices for people wanting to develop an Android app. We are well recognized for their quality work, which is up to the standard you have planned in perfect time.

Snap Mobile

Our qualified team of developers often offers great contact, holds our consumers up to date on development progress and includes them in solving problems. This is how you make sure the product is just as the consumer needs created.


Do not stick to a single mobile application company in Chicago, IL. Speak to two-three providers at least and see which one is the right for you. Hiring mobile app developers will be the best choice for you. So before picking an agency, consider your choices.

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