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Google today announced its adoption of Cornerstone, a Dutch organization that helps businesses from mainframes to public clouds to move their legacy workloads. Cornerstone, which offers very hands-on migration assistance, will form the basis for the mainframe-to-GCP solutions offered by Google Cloud. According to its Web site ING, Micro Focus, Cornerstone was founded in 1989.


This phase is very much in line with the overall company strategy of Google Cloud, which aims to help existing companies move their legacy workloads to the cloud (and launch new ventures as cloud-enabled solutions on their way).

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In the fourth quarter of 2019, Google’s cloud sector, which first revealed its sales, generated $8.92 billion in revenue in fiscal 2019 and generated $2.61 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter. It contrasts the cloud sector with 2018’s sales of $5.84 billion, with the 4th quarter delivering $1.71 billion.

Google Cloud

“This is another example of how Google Cloud helps corporate customers update their cloud infrastructure and software,” said John Jester, Google Cloud VP Customer Engagement. “We have created massive strides in sustaining our customers better, including offering premium support, aligning our customer satisfaction organization better, simplifying the procurement process of our companies, promoting business with Google Cloud, and extending our partnerships.”

The organization is undertaking a restructuring of the cloud group that includes the removal of certain positions. The main purpose of the restructuring is to refocus on international markets.

Most organizations still have to run mission-critical workloads on their mainframes. It is often very difficult to transfer them to the cloud and Cornerstone and related vendors are there. It’s no use that many of the mainframe programs have been written in COBOL, PL/1 or mounting. Cornerstone’s technology will automatically break down these processes into cloud-based, container-based services. It can transfer databases as appropriate.

It should also be noted that Google Cloud has recently launched IBM Power Systems support in its cloud. This was also a move to help businesses switch their traditional systems to the cloud. Google Cloud adds yet another dimension to this with Cornerstone, offering even more flexible migration support for consumers who want to slowly modernize their overall stack without rearchitecting all their legacy applications.


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