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Microsoft is beginning work by calling back maximum employees to the headquarters on 29th March. Microsoft allowing workers to choose either full-time work, remotely working, or incorporating certain hybrid models who work in Washington, Redmond, sites, and local campuses. 

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Microsoft Organization said that they are nearly tracking local health data for several months. They have confirmed that their campus easily can arrange safe accommodation for maximum workers on-site at staying aligned to the capacity limit of Washington. In the latest days, Microsoft has spread its work sites in 21 different countries that have been capable of accommodating additional employees, that considered about 20% of its worldwide employee numbers. This organization has announced they have more than 160,000 workers. 

Last October, Microsoft permits employees to carry work from home, and even they showed flexibility by allowing them to return to the office after all individual safety measurements. They have planned to consider 50% of their employees to work remotely from home. In fact, workers have additional power to request their managers for full-time remote work or they can shift to a new location. 

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After following strict rules of the COVID-19 pandemic and many months of closure office, workers are starting to move permanently to more hybrid working models. They are also thinking to forgo conventional spaces of office entirely. In this context, it is relevant to add ‘Spotify’ is going to adopt all-new work from anywhere model, that permits workers to work either from the office or they can work full-time at their home and even can choose to go for a combination of both. ‘Square’ and ‘Twitter’ are letting their employees work from home forever.  

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