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In addition to a very useful screenshot tool that will let you quickly capture an entire webpage, Microsoft is adding a price comparison feature to its Edge browser just in time for the holidays. This month, both features are part of a wider Edge update that includes a range of minor additions that boost the Chromium-powered browser.

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Within Edge, the latest price comparison feature operates through a range of retailers when you shop online. For example, if you do any holiday shopping and build a list of items inside a set, you would be able to click the “Compare price with other retailers” button to see a comparison.

It’s a fundamental price comparison feature that at launch will be restricted to US merchants, but Microsoft is promising to develop it into a more proactive service with potential coupon options.

The second big Edge update this month is a new tool for screenshots. While there are many ways to screenshot a webpage, most current tools simply screenshot what you see without the ability to capture or scroll an entire webpage as you catch the device. The new Edge screenshot tool from Microsoft will automatically scroll down a page so that you can catch everything in a single screenshot. In a future update of Edge, Microsoft is also adding inking capabilities to this application, and testers will be able to access this beta feature shortly.

Exporting to Excel, OneNote, Word, and Pinterest is now supported by Collections, but not just email yet. “In our early vision for Collections, email was something we spoke about,” explains Divya Kumar, head of product management at Microsoft for browser, search, and content services, in an interview. In Edge, Microsoft’s Collections function retains formatting and text, and it’s more difficult to export it to email. “The long list of stuff we want to do with Collections is probably email.”

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Although new features are emerging this month in Edge, a vital sync option for many is still missing from the browser. For the summer, tab and history sync across devices have been promised, but these major sync features will not arrive until the fall. Kumar says, “Tab and Background Sync is also coming soon.” “It will probably be some time during the fall.”


Microsoft is continuing to test its Edge vertical tabs feature, and many of the updates revealed today will include further changes in the weeks ahead in the Canary and Beta versions of Edge. This will allow Edge users to export web pages, images, or text to Pinterest boards from Collections.DisclaimerWant to enhance your business contact Fluper

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