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Hell of a question don’t you think? Best mobile application development companies around the world are likely to go into a major shock if at all native mobile applications cease to exist in the coming decade. And highly likely progressive web applications can be deemed as the considerable alternatives to the native apps. Now, each of them has already given ample validations on their app development competency in their respective fields. So, before replying to the above question, it is equally important to have a clear understanding of both these terms and the points of differences lying between the two.

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We begin Google with:

Native Mobile Apps

This is an application program designed for a specific platform or device written with a specific coding language of Objective C or Java but they are fast performing highly reliable mobile applications.

Progressive Web Apps

Latest technologies incorporated into the web application interface render a mobile app like experience to the users by combining features of modern browsers and mobile applications. They are not really an application in a true sense but rather a modified version of the website.

The definitions given are clear enough to help any amateur easily grab hold of the two terms mentioned in the context.  

And it is time to figure out the major points of difference between Native mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps:

  • Security

Unlike Progressive Web Apps, Native apps are comparatively more secured and safeguard user’s stored data into available storage of the mobile device.

  • Responsiveness

This credit again goes to the Native app development companies for rendering most responsive user experience through the interface. Web apps fail to comply with this requirement.

  • Separate code

Progressive web app developers need to write a single code to be easily utilized in developing similar applications across different platforms such as Web, Android, iOS etc. Native apps across platforms cannot perform with a single code.

  • With or without installation

Again, we discover Progressive web apps score over the Native apps where the former can easily function without any need for installation in the user’s smartphone. Developers control the update process cutting out the involvement of the App Store. Also, it can be saved on the phone’s screen with an icon.

  • Loading time and cost factors

Native apps are quite expensive and time-consuming to develop since a single code works for a particular platform contrary to the web apps. Progressive web applications can load easily on the user’s smartphone.

  • Push notifications

Both Native, as well as Progressive web apps, notify users of latest updates by pushing messages to the user.

  • Usage with or without internet

Again both of them can be used without the internet connection or perform equally better on slow internet connections.

  • Discoverable

Progressive web applications are easily discoverable on search engines something which is a matter of concern for mobile applications lying in the app stores however the former will not be able to tap into native capabilities.

The mentioned points are few differences that exist between the two but there are others as well which the experienced mobile application development companies can best explain.

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Inferences are drawn from the above arguments

Drawing conclusion to the statement which questions whether native mobile applications are soon going to exit the market or not is like narrating a story of an elephant passing through the eye of a needle. Irrespective of inferences drawn by the above arguments that went either in favor of progressive web applications or the native ones, the weight of owning native apps can never be ignored. Amateurs may not recognize this but dedicated mobile app developers hired to design applications for their clients to feel the importance of such native apps irrespective of the progress made by the latest web development technology.

However, both are equally beneficial in their respective fields and can prove quite lucrative if operated simultaneously for a company. Top-rated mobile app development companies such as Fluper, do recognize the significance of both these terms and aptly suggests their respective clients go for either or both the apps to gain optimum benefits for their business.

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