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App development is not easy, the problems start right from the first question. Well, that is – which is the ultimate framework to develop your app upon? Choosing the right framework creates a huge impact on the final results of your app.

In the development industry, trends come and go. Developers tend to adapt themselves to frameworks, software and programming languages that help them come up with effective, innovative, and easy to execute approaches for their development needs.

What’s the hype about the Ionic Framework?

Whats the hype about the Ionic FrameworkThere are multiple different framework options available today, and each one of them has its own pros and cons. However, one such framework that has caught every developer’s eye is Ionic Framework.

New app builders often remain in utter confusion regarding the kind of framework they should be utilizing in their app building process. In this article, we are going to discuss the ionic framework and what can be the ionic framework used.

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What sets the Ionic framework apart?

What sets the Ionic framework apartThe ionic mobile framework allows the app builder to use a combination of programming languages like CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. These three languages, which are three of the most widely used languages in app development can help the app builder design an interface that is streamlined for the best interface. Since ionic mobile app builder isn’t focused mostly on the looks, try using it if your app needs a strong visual element.

Well, we have decoded some specific reasons that make the Ionic Framework one of the best options for your next project. Here is our list of the top Ionic mobile app builder advantages:

  1. The Ionic Framework helps the builder move the app across various platforms.

 Most builders want their apps to be as widely available as possible. Although most app builders start with a preliminary platform, they are always looking for opportunities for growth where they are going to spread the app to other platforms. Here comes the question, ‘what can be an ionic framework used in this regard?’ The languages used in the ionic mobile app builder help the developer easily convert your app to make it suitable for another operating system. Choosing a native language over a hybrid one also demands specific knowledge about each app and is a bit more expensive.

2. The Ionic Framework is free to use for developers!

 Well, don’t we all love some freebies, and when an entire framework solution comes at no cost, it just gets better! The entire process of making an app, from ideation to the delivery of the finished product requires quite an amount of money. Frameworks usually cost around 1000 dollars, which is quite a lot. Hence the very fact that Ionic mobile app builder is free is itself quite an obvious reason to use it during the app building process.It is definitely an attractive and major driving factor to opt for this framework over the other ones.

3. The Ionic Framework has an excellent visual appeal

Visual appeal can bring a make or break deal to the table for your app. If you want strong visual elements, this is the framework to choose – The CSS and JavaScript features included in Angular give the flexibility to the builder to experiment with different buttons, menus, colour schemes, etc. The ionic mobile app builder, due to the reasons mentioned, is one of the best options to choose if you want your UI to turn out like a piece of art with very strong aesthetics.

4. Ionic Framework is open-source

We know, you might be worried about the possibility of instability. There is no doubt that it is one of the downfalls of using open source is instability, the ionic mobile app builder prides itself on being one of the most stable frameworks. The moment builders hear the word,” open source” they correlate it with instability, but that is not the case with the ionic framework.

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5. The base framework of the Ionic framework is Angular

Angular is one of the most famous frameworks and offers benefits like extending the syntax of HTML to include components of an app, data-binding and much more. Angular is widely used for creating both mobile applications and web applications. Hence if you’re looking to extend your development process to include web applications, the ionic framework might come in handy.

6. The ionic framework uses Cordova Plugins

A plugin is a piece of code attached to an app that is coded in JavaScript, which allows the developer to work with a range of components as it is close to the native language of the platform the developer is working on. The ionic mobile app builder uses Cordova Plugins that make it easier for the developer to get access to different features of the operating system, like Geolocation, Camera, Battery and so forth. It is most likely that your app will use at least one of not multiple features of the Cordova plugins to make it optimal for the user.

7.  Ionic Framework brings you a  big community to interact with!

Although this fully does not answer the question of, “what can be the ionic framework used for?”, this is one of the strongest features of the Ionic framework. The ionic mobile app builder has a huge, active community that is eager to help fellow app developers through different forums or specialized YouTube channels on a range of issues.


The Ionic framework has taken the development industry by a roll and fairly so. Its long list of attractive features comes in as a bait of advantages that you must not miss! Building your app is extremely critical, ensure that you are using innovative, effective, and smarter approaches that allow you to ace the functionality of your app. The ionic framework checks all the boxes, making it the ultimate framework for your next app!

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