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As the world gains more momentum and people become more engrossed in spending their time sharpening their skills, running after their ambitions, tending to their family and so on, there is a decrease in the time and attention that is required to prepare healthy meals. Most people do not have enough time to prepare themselves a meal every day, and this is why starting a meal prep business is a good idea to make you prosperous.

What is a meal prep business?

Starting a meal prep business essentially means putting together and organizing a bunch of meals for your clients. These meals usually stay fresh and do not require a lot of work to put together. They are barely time-consuming yet healthier alternatives than packed microwaved food.

The top demographic profiles who opt for meal prep options are millennials and Gen X. The second-highest percentage that builds up a lot of the customer base are high-income families with an average annual income up to $80,000.

What makes the meal prep business so attractive to customers?

According to a leading market intelligence organization, there are a few reasons why customers are attracted to the meal prep business and why you should be starting a meal prep business plan.

  1. The meal prep business makes sure that you are provided with readymade meals thereby saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on meal planning and prepping.
  2. The time spent in choosing and shopping for groceries also gets saved.
  3. The meal prep business is also an excellent way to try new dishes from diverse cuisines.

Consumer psychology also has a term that aptly justifies why people are so attracted to ordering from meal prep businesses. It’s called the IKEA effect. This means that consumers usually tend to place a higher value on things that they have partially created.

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Latest trends in meal prep business.

Some of the latest trends in the meal prep business in 2022 are:

  1. Plant-based/vegan meal prep business plan:

Vegans avoid consuming any animal produce or product including eggs, meat, dairy or honey. Putting together a vegan-friendly meal is quite difficult and expensive. Vegan meals are crafted with care, as missing ingredients may put people on vegan diets at nutrient deficiencies. A missing ingredient in a diet like this might cause a nutritional deficiency and hence requires utmost attention and care. he plant-based/vegan meal prep plan can help the consumers save a lot of time through the option of month-long subscriptions that can keep the consumer worry-free for a month and is much more affordable than a singular daily plan.

Starting a meal prep business that especially caters to vegan meals makes sure that:

  • Only authentic vegan ingredients are used in every dish.
  • Consumers do not waste a lot of time shopping for selected items.
  • Consumers have the option to connect with professionals who specialize in vegan meal prepping or preparing vegan dishes.
  1. Kids’ meal prep business plan

Starting a meal prep business which exclusively looks after kids’ meals can help prevent the turmoil that most parents go through while selecting healthy yet filling items for their kids while making sure that the food suits their taste buds. Depending upon the requirements parents or guardians can opt for weekly, monthly or daily subscription plans.

A kid’s meal prep business plan can be beneficial to the customer as:

  • Kids are extremely picky about their food and only choose items that they find tasty. A kid’s meal prep business plan makes sure that healthy yet tasty foods are included in the diet.
  • The guardians or parents do not have to go through the hassle of selecting items according to the nutritional requirements of each kid.
  • The kids will be introduced to different cuisines from different corners of the world and add excitement to their lives.

Various Meal Prep Business plans followed by leading meal prep business

  1. The meal-kit delivery business model

In this model, the consumer can choose various meal kits individually on a need basis and also through subscriptions. The consumers can specify the number of meal kits that he/she would require per week or month.

How does it work?
  • Consumers look through the dishes/meal preps listed on the website
  • They select the desired dish/recipe and add it to their cart.
  • They choose the number of dishes and the frequency of delivery according to their needs.
  • Their payment is made and the business processes their order.
How does this model work with multiple vendors?

After the consumer places the order the business extracts a certain commission and then transfers the order to the vendors for preparation and delivery.

Why is this meal prep business plan attractive?
  • Less time consuming
  • No hassle of shopping
  • Helpful during the holidays like Christmas
  • Diverse cuisines
  • Accurate proportions, pre-processed vegetables and packing reduce post-cooking hassle.
  1. Goal-oriented meal delivery model

Goal-oriented meal delivery models are especially beneficial for customers who follow a specific diet plan and require a selection of exclusive items.

Some examples are :

  1. Diabetic-friendly meals
  2. Gluten-free meals
  3. Low sodium meals
  4. Low fiber meals
  5. Low uric acid meals
  6. Vegan meals
  7. Low Cholesterol meals
  8. Keto meals
  9. High-protein meals
How does it work?
  • Consumers look through and select the dishes/meal preps listed on the website
  • They choose the subscription
  • The payment is made and the business processes their order.
How does this model work with multiple vendors?
  • goal-oriented meals are enlisted by various chefs/nutritionists.
  • Consumers select a subscription and make the payment
  • After a commission is deducted, the order is transferred to the respective dietician/nutritionist/chef.
  1. Pre-cooked storable meal delivery model

Cooking pre-assemble meals is not always an option for everyone. Working professionals and students living alone cannot always accept routine delivery of meal kits containing various raw ingredients that have to be cooked later on. Hence they usually opt for pre-cooked frozen meals like:

  • Pizza
  • Mac n cheese
  • Porridge
  • Mash potatoes
  • Steak

How does it work?

  1. Consumers choose products from the website.
  2. They add it to carts and make payments.
  3. The business delivers it to the consumers.
How does this model work with multiple vendors?
  • Multiple restaurants can advertise pre-cooked meals
  • Consumers choose the products and add them to their cart
  • After deducting the commission restaurant or food services deliver the meal(s)

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Things to consider before starting a meal prep business plan

Things to consider before starting a meal prep business plan


  1. Finances– The gross margin of your meal prep business needs to be calculated. The gross is the total sales minus the cost of delivering meal prep orders. After the gross is calculated, the budget can be fixed accordingly and a budget sheet can be created.
  2. License and Permit– Some of the important permits are:
  • Business license
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Liquor license (optional)
  • Food establishment permit
  • Seller’s permit
  • Employee health permit
  • Building health permit
  1. Correct Software- The correct hosting website and apps should be selected along with the correct platform.
  2. Human Resources – Depending on the marketing strategy and the budget of a meal prep business, you will need to hire various employees.
  3. Insurance – New businesses usually require insurance that protects them against major losses and acts as a safety net.


One of the most important aspects of building a business from scratch is fulfilling customers’ demands and maintaining a streamlined business flow. Make sure you do not overlook the nitty-gritty of such a consumer-business relationship to make your business prosper.

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