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Intuitive Features of MacBook to Explore and Try
Intuitive Features of MacBook to Explore and Try

No matter how many years you have been using a MacBook, there are numerous excellent features that are hidden from you. These features can actually help you while you are working on your MacBook.

However, some people stumbled across a few Mac hidden features, but there are many who don’t even know anything about these features. If you want to know more about Mac’s hidden and extraordinary features, then this blog is for you. For better understanding, here is a compiled list of these secret features that will definitely surprise you. Let’s take a look:

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  • Quick Dictionary Access: With the help of shortcut options, you can easily access the dictionary in Mac systems. If you have an older version of Mac OS, then you can use ⌘⌃D to bring the definition of the word. If you have the Lion version, you can find the meaning of the word by just double tapping with three fingers. This feature will help the users to find the definition of difficult words easily and immediately.
  • Merge Folders: If you want to merge the contents of two identically named folders in your Mac, then you can do it by using Option- Dragging the folder, which brings out the choice to merge folders. With the help of this feature, you can easily create one folder that contains contents of both source and destination folders.
  • File Finder: If you work on a MacBook, then you know very well that your every file creates its duplicate file. These files take a lot of unnecessary space in your MacBook. Here, you can follow the tips mentioned and find out how pro software available can wipe off duplicate files effectively. A file finder software will help you to save a ton of space on your MacBook.
  • Auto Complete of Words: If you find trouble with tricky spellings, then this feature will be best for you. You can sell difficult words correctly without any hassle. All you need to do is press F5 or Option + Escape. It will bring up an auto complete menu that gives a list of spellings to the word you have started typing. If you are typing some official document, then this feature is extremely helpful for you.
  • Close Running Apps: If you use your MacBook all day for your official work, then running apps can slow your system as it takes up a lot of RAM space. If your system slows down, it will hamper your work. If you want to close running apps on Mac, simply hold ⌘ + tab and continue holding ⌘ and tab through all apps. Press Q; when you reach the app, you want to close, and Press H if you want to hide the apps. Your system will regain its speed again.

Final Words

The few features that are mentioned above are extremely helpful for the users. There are more functions that are hidden in your Macbook that can make your work easier. You can use these features to complete your task on time without any hassle.

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