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The renowned social media platform is all set to copy the feature of Snapchat most popular feature related to message disappearing. Well, the company is preparing to prepare an ephemeral text messaging feature that disappear the chat thread whenever you leave the chatting session. The agenda was confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson to TechCrunch. The leading social media platform is planning to this feature even more effective and enjoyable for its users. The company will make users more contented with having rapid-fire thereby driving up the message reply notifications option that keeps app users opening Instagram all day long.

The social media platform Instagram had previously implemented this message disappearing feature that allowed users to erase their text messages after sending. But at that time the feature was introduced with one drawback that notified the user that the message has been deleted from the other person, thus not keeping users engaged with the app. In the past, Twitter was also planning to test the disappearing photo/video feature. With the help of this feature, the user can post videos, pictures, and text that would disappear in one day. The feature was somehow the same as what we are currently using on Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.


In addition to this, the leading chatting app Whatsapp was too testing out the self-disappearing messages feature that would permit users to set a control on their chatting messages. But according to the latest reports, it is evaluated that the company had plans to make it accessible for the group chats in the app but now the leading social chatting app is planning to add this latest feature available to individual chats as well.

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Process Of Messages That Disappear From Instagram Work

In this feature, the users enter this mode by simply swiping up from the Instagram Direct message line; they are redirected to a dark mode message window that begins as a no message thread. After this when users close this window option on the app the messages start to disappear from the chat window automatically. The feature is somehow similar to Snapchat, which deletes a chat after all the people of a thread have checked it and closed the chat thread window.

Instagram working on Ephemeral Text

The disappearing messaging feature is currently not publicly available but a spokesperson confirms that the company is working on it internally. “We are always exploring new features to enhance your messaging experience. This feature is still in early development and is not being tested externally.” The company also tweeted the same for confirmation. For now, they have provided no particular indication of a timeline for whether or when it could formally launch. Some features never get out of the trial product phase, and others end up being implemented a few several months later.

Instagram is used by millions of people all across the globe and versions of Stories shot up to 500 million daily users. The users of the platform are much more than Snapchat having only 218 million users overall.

The Instagram Stories feature is very much well-liked which caused Snapchat to get less recognition at one point, but with this feature, the app is growing healthy again. That may designate that Instagram still needs some more interesting features to grab the attention of users. The existing update of Instagram of short-lived messages is more complex.


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