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Cost is something, which comes in the way of developing any new thing, and hence keeping aside funds to meet the sudden requirements is a wise thing to do. App development cost can be a matter of concern for developers so why not fix a specific budget before plunging into the app development process.

However, Android app developers encounter factors, which influence the cost of developing an app but are in contrast to those faced by the iOS ones. Thus defining the primary role of any developer, which is to list out the different factors having a direct or indirect impact on the cost of app building.

Android App Development Cost

We Begin with Android App Development Cost

iconFunctions and functionalities are the primary cause contributing towards raising the overall app building cost. The more features your application demands, the more costly the development process is likely to get.

This is just the beginning, following are other factors to raise your Android App Development Cost

iconA lot of screens means more time investment to program each and every possible path user can take to navigate through the application. This, in turn, means more investment in costs so plans your budget accordingly.

iconDeciding whether the application requires a supportive database or not, is important before designing the application. Since developing and connecting a database requires both time and fund investment which often goes heavy in the pocket.

iconCMS or content management system is needed to facilitate adding and or editing data, information, and contents in the application. An easy-to-use interface through which the data in the database can be easily modified but again it is chargeable.

iconNow, you obviously wish to design an application that will support different platforms and devices as well. Developing for both iOS as well android supportive application expected to run on mobile phones and tablets especially where an Android market is highly fragmented needs incurring extra costs.

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iconSidestepping codes for features such as push notifications entails purchasing external services similar to Parse and UrbanAirship provide these functions. But these services charge which is again based on different variables.

iconThere is an alternate way to store your data if you have to avoid paying server cost since owning a server space is crucial to maintaining a database along with features for chat and bookings. But, the proliferation of cloud computing and shared servers in recent times have curbed the issue of paying extra to purchase a personal server. One can rent servers as well. Try Amazon Cloud Services for a change.

iconReleasing an application on the app store under either your name or company’s name, a Developer license and an account especially with Apple which costs more than $50 a year. Android developers are spared from this expense since uploading an app in the Google Play store is free. But, if the application is meant for internal usage by the company then a Google Play account is needed which charges hefty amount from the owner. More so if the app design requires incorporating one or more technologies then the developer has to pay to be the license holder which raises the overall cost.

iconDeveloping an application and releasing in the market is not the end of the story. A well-defined maintenance plan and cost estimation must be prioritized since the main work begins post release of the app. Changes, fixing bugs and adding or omitting features based on user feedback improvise an application gradually. However, changes are not devoid of cost. So, plan right at the time of fixing a budget.

iconHidden costs are the most scaring part of the development process. They pop-up as the application go through the different stages of the development process, something that is not revealed when planning is done. A sudden change of plan or an urgent requirement to add a new feature etc. is few such examples of hidden cost.

iconAnd, finally, if you consider availing an expert advice, then the cost of paying the developer gets added to your kitty. But, then you are scared of other unnecessary headaches since your partner is there to do the thinking. Then again, if your selection of app development partner is poor then you are bound to get robbed. So be careful!!

Wrapping Up About Android App Development Cost

Mobile app development cost is of different types and identifying the hidden or revealed cost is crucial to deciding a development budget. Otherwise, the entire process will come to a complete standby if appropriate funds lack when it is needed the most. Therefore, if you really do not wish any factor became a major hindrance to your achieving success with an application, it is advisable, to begin with, proper planning and research. Else, shoulder the app development responsibility to the dedicated mobile developer hired to carry out the same purpose.

Fluper, a top-notch mobile app development company, has years of experience added to its portfolio with designing extraordinary applications for their clientele. Hiring similar developers like Fluper fetch fruitful suggestions pertaining to mobile applications. So why waste time breaking your head?


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