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India has emerged as the most promising country for investors and entrepreneurs across the world where they are targeting its huge youth population to expand their business’s reach. If we talk about some app trends shared by App Annie and Statista, the world has collectively spent projected $ 135 billion on mobile app development and India has ranked top in downloading more than 20% of total global apps launched in 2021 on both iOS and Android app stores. There is a 25% increase in the global app market as compared to the previous year.

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The recent pandemic has paved way for innovative digital solutions where businesses are reaping the benefits of advanced technologies to deliver fully-functional, robust, and interactive mobile apps. Some people have succumbed to mobile games while others have left no stone unturned to look for a mobile app for any specific task or to learn something new in the lockdown period. Last year, the total number of app download spending stood at $ 112 billion that shows a 25% increase this year with $ 135 billion.

iOS vs Android

There were major differences between iOS and Android app downloads where game lovers certainly seem to be dominating in both the platforms. Gamers accounted for 60% spending on iOS platforms while 80% on Google Play Store. Entertainment apps (MX Player, YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix etc.) and social apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram Reddit etc.) have also shown a significant increase in their userbase and total number of downloads. According to the trends shared by App Annie, one-third of all app revenue came from these social and entertainment apps. It also forecasted that entertainment apps will reach to a revenue $ 12 billion till the end of 2022.

The Game of App Downloads

The total number of app downloads reached 140 billion which 10 billion more than the previous year 2020 and 20 billion more than 2019. Google Play Store remains the top choice for worldwide users to download apps for their smartphones. More than 100 billion out of total 140 billion downloads were recorded on the Google Plat Store. This is a clear indication that number of smartphone users (Android) are increasing at an unprecedented rate and Android app development can witness a major hike in global app market demand. However, the craze for iPhones has also not declined and showed an increase of 12% in iOS apps downloads as compared to previous year.

India Continues to Dominate Global App Market

India has topped the downloads chart this time with 20% of all app downloads across iOS and Android platforms. US accounted for 9% total downloads with Brazil with 8%. There were three India-based apps that scored position in top 10 breakout download list; Meesho, MX Taka Tak, and Share Karo India. These three apps scored maximum number of downloads in the Indian apps.

In 2021, India has recorded a total download of more than 25 billion apps and experts predict that India has the most promising audience to explore by worldwide businesses to expand their reach where the number of smartphone users is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Hence, whether it’s iOS app development or Android, India will keep dominating the app market with its huge youth population that is getting more and more dependent on mobile apps for every task. E-commerce has become the most convenient pathway to enter Indian market where businesses can explore great possibilities to enhance their userbase.

Emerging App Development Market

Apart from consumers who account for 20% of total global app download, India also has much potential to dominate the app development market. Besides its affordable app development packages, expertise and innovative mindsets are also transforming the app development scenario where worldwide clints are approaching Indian app development agencies to develop iOS, Android, cross-platform, and web-based apps for their businesses. Access to huge talent pool, affordable rates, and support from NASSCOM are some major reasons why worldwide businesses prefer India for app development outsourcing.

In the coming years, the role of India will be quite noticeable in the world’s app market. Indian economy is heading towards digitalization and this is a positive sign for worldwide businesses to leverage its potential and add one step further towards globalization.

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