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In February, prices of cryptocurrency impaled, Nvidia published a new variant of processors for mining crypto in specific. They cannot power a computer monitor, but they are able to bring about precious ether coins.

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This organization served an update on Wednesday about their process of cryptocurrency or CMP, cards are managing in the market. It registered $155 million money in generating revenue from these CMP cards in its first-quarter fiscal, which has ended on 2nd May. The sales expectation was $400 million in the latest quarter- numbers are pretty amazing for an all-new product line. 

However, the CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang speaks about the latest product line as not that much interesting frontier for this organization, but an attempt at cryptocurrency consuming to secure gamers. As it becomes, gaming processors- Nvidia’s actual and core trade- are still its most vital thing, producing $2.76 billion money in revenue, and an enhancement of 106% from the previous year.

Nvidia Reserved $155 Million in Revenue

The primary causes Nvidia is now pressing crypto chips is to protect the graphics processing units’ supplement, or GPUs, for gamers, explained Huang. During mining, GPUs could be utilized, the CMP chips cannot be applied for gaming purposes, and producing the CMP chips are become much easier for Nvidia. The CEO also stated that Nvidia’s gaming market has achieved the largest market ever before, and it cannot risk missing out as crypto miners continue purchasing cards signified for gamers. Huang spoke about their expectation is that these CMPs going to satisfy the miners and they will easily manage in the professional field of mines. Besides, their products will secure graphics cards supplement for gamers.

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