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The CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi told on Tuesday afternoon that the supplement of drivers is improving after having vaccinated against Covid-19. However, there remains immense room to fulfill the demands for rides beats supply. Khosrowshahi told the J.P. Morgan Technology, Media and Communication Conference that, ETAs have got higher than what they wish to be, rose level values have enhanced as they have not seen drivers supply continue with the required growth in the U.S. 

Uber is still focused on increasing its supply position and takes it as a vital aspect of its business development. Though it has been improved, they are not satisfied with the value level and ETAs that they see. It is something they are going to invest to keep betterment on. 

Governments’ pandemic restrictions are getting less and the people of America mostly get vaccinated. People are getting ready to go outside and leave their homes again to go for a trip, moving towards rideshare companies. However, Lyft and Uber are still facing issues related to drivers’ slow return at their work. If these companies felt unable to bring the required number of drivers at cab driving then they might face annoyed customers who are possessing to pay more amount of cash and wait for long. 

In the previous month, Uber asked to spend $250 million on a single-time catalyst targeted at receiving drivers back. In its first-quarter earnings call earlier this month, Khosrowshahi told they will continue to lean in with aimed incentive structure for both existing and new cab drivers.        Great UX/UI App Development services

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