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Since morning, your phone has frequent notifications banging on your head. Whatsapp messages, bank alerts, app updates, discount offers, weekend sale, emails and whatnot, your phone became a notification center in just a few hours of the same, but does that worth to get so much of information at the same time?

Gmail has recently proposed a new development in their Gmail App for iOS-based devices. This new update from their app developers shows the use of AI in their mail application of IOS devices. It is easy to differentiate the high-priority and low-priority of any email notification, and if it falls into high-priority then it will be notified else not.

Previously, Gmail introduced AI-powered features as Nudging and Smart Reply; these are the ways to save a user’s precious time. Time is the key, especially for business clients, who use Gmail as their communication channel and want to utilize every single second for more productive work. This is the solution for such users; AI-based high-priority notifications. iPhone app development companies should get the clue with the move.

What is Gmail’s AI-based high-priority notification?

Let us bring you 1-year back when Gmail introduced this AI-enabled SmartReply feature to the mobile app. SmartReply is based on artificial intelligence, which processes your emails and suggests quick reply after understanding it. This saves your time and efforts to answer any mail manually.

Sailing in the same direction, Gmail brought this AI-based high-priority notification feature to inbox notification. Whenever any email or message reaches up to your inbox, it shows with a notification; what if you get 1000s of emails in just a few hours, it will ruin your notification window. This will keep notified user with each mail or message, this is disturbing to the user who is busy saving their time for some productive work.

AI-based high-priority notification will process your inbox and incoming emails and decide whether to notify you or not, this helps a lot especially when you are busy all the time. Gmail’s iOS app development team incorporated this features in the pilot form.

What does it signify, when Gmail is keeping adding AI-Based features?

This is a wakeup call to developers; they need to improve their system. Gmail is claiming it loudly that AI is going to be the next thing in app development. Especially the top 10 iPhone app development companies are accepting this challenge to develop their apps based on AI. This is needed, there are constant developments in AI and Machine Learning, in fact, and tech giants are focusing on the future with it. Your Gmail is going smarter with every new update; app developers have to work in the same direction. There are certain things, which lead to use more of machine learning and AI-based application in future.

AI-enabled apps are around; didn’t you notice it?

It is a fact that Google the parent company of Gmail started pushing the use of AI in their apps. This is a brilliant approach, but this is not that new to us. We are using UBER cab-booking apps for a long while; the AI helps use to get the alternative and best route for you if there is any traffic jam or roadblock.  One more example is with AMAZON online shopping app. When you search for a particular product, it will start suggesting you the similar or alternative products from own website and app.

Amazon Alexa is leading the world of AI-based devices, this is your personal assistance to accomplish a certain task, play music for you and many more. Google also has the similar featured device known as Google Home. It takes care of your schedule, reminders, news and more. Your personal entertain manager and a friend too when you are alone. The machine learning, voice recognition, and more are common with AI-based apps and devices too. In fact, top 10 iPhone app development company in Dubaiare running to get the first mover advantage in this development.

Which industries have the better scope with AI-enabled apps?

It seems interesting to know that what type of industries and business entities are interested to use AI-based apps or solutions for them. If you answer this, this is almost everywhere in each horizon of working. AI seems more relevant to the area where user engagement and experience is more compare to others. Best iPhone app development companies know that what they need to do.

You can take the example of real estate industry, health, education, sales, online shopping, and entertainment industry. The experience is the key; and these are the business areas, whereas AI not only just automate the process but also gives value too. When you shopping app allows virtually check your size and probable appearance, this is what AI does. Though what more could be possible is there in the developers’ mind and the requirements from users, this won’t be limited.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology and Apps are going to use best of it. The Smartphone is essential for future and our daily life, what we need to use it for value addition in our life. Just making calls from your phone is the least important now; it is beyond what we experienced in past 10-15 years. Interestingly, our Smartphone is the only gadget we used to carry with us. And, the apps are in this device enough to give users the experience of using technology.

Call it whatever, Smartphone is the in-thing, we can’t deny this fact. Smartphone and app system has strong roots in our lives. AI and machine learning are going to the gain grounds with a rapid growth in future. These updates are just signs that yes; there are lot more to do. This is a wakeup call to mobile app developers to accept this change at the earliest possible. One of the promising uses could add more value with better user experience in each section. Like Amazon, Prime Delivery has been incorporated with Amazon Echo to cut short the efforts and time to place an order. It lessens the efforts and increases the value with each use. For example, while watching a FIFA game, you can ask Amazon Echo to order a team tee for you.



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