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Are you bored with the same monotonous games online? Spruce up for some real fun brain games!

With the digital world being pervasive in all sects of our lives, online gaming stands out eminently. The popularity of online games has massively increased and continues with its soaring motion each day.

According to one of the articles published by Forbes, due to the online mind games’ interactive theme, it has successfully been able to hook its audiences for a pretty long time.

Adding to that, what makes online brain games even more worthy of the hype amongst players is their practical and contributing efforts to improve congenital health.

That’s right! After a hectic day, when you steal some time for leisure and relaxation, channelize it into something fascinating, like playing a few rounds of online games.

Studies have proven that playing online brain-teaser games helps players to focus more, increase concentration, and imbibe a sense of positivity.

And right here, in this article, you would be finding the 5 best handpicked online brain games that would embrace your time and efforts and make them count in real life too.


Sudoku is considered one of the most brain power enhancing games, and the fan base is huge for some excellent reasons. It is a number placement game and involves the core strengths of your memory. In Sudoku, your brain would be pushed to chisel its mental power to plan and put the numbers accordingly to complete the sequences successfully.

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This kind of mental exercise helps to enhance memory and concentration skills. You can either choose to play online Sudoku or download the free app for the same.

If you are an advanced player in Sudoku, you won’t be needing any more explanation right from this point. However, suppose you are a beginner at the Sudoku game. In that case, you first need to get started with manageable levels, thereby learning more about the game, tips, and tricks to test yourself for the best at advanced levels finally.


Another exciting game that you can play for treating your mental health is BlockPuzzle. You can define this game as cross-platform gaming in which you would be asked to solve a unique puzzle by correctly aligning all various kinds of shaped blocks into each respective grid.

When you fit each differently shaped block into its respective grid, it helps you focus more, thereby improving your concentration.

Block puzzle is so engaging that you would hardly have a track of time and also let you have an enjoyable time while playing this game.

Build Up

Loved and played by millions worldwide, Build Up is like an OG of tactical and mind games. The core genre to which the game belongs is the tactical block stacking game. The main objective of this game is to tempt the next player or the opponent to topple the tower.

The Build Up game amalgamates the perfect combination of strategy and intelligence. And, the best part of this game is that all age groups can play it.

The game essentially involves twenty individual wooden blocks, and each of them characterizes a unique color and shape. Each block would have a corresponding card with it. To play the game, you need to build a tower by selecting a specific card in your hand and adding it to the matching block.

In a Build Up game, you consistently have to create possibilities where the next immediate player or opponent knocks down the tower when their turn comes.

This game levels up in being interesting even more with the inclusion of unique action cards. Spends hours productively and actively in playing this brilliant mind strategy game.


This game needs no introduction at all! Chess is a game that is packed with thrill, suspense, and emotions and played with dexterity. The constant use of your brainpower in understanding what moves you would be making next in terms of an attack or defense keeps you in the grip of the game.

The most challenging and yet learning part of a chess game is how you beat your opponent by making confusing moves and getting into their minds to predict what would be their counter for it.

If you are a pro at chess, you would be able to do this quite skillfully and tactfully. You can persuade your opponent to make moves that can cost them by using the power of your intellect.

When at a chess game, you have to prepare for a strong attack or a powerful defense. It helps your mind push to its limits, thereby expanding the horizons of what your brain is capable of. It involuntarily enhances your genetic health, makes your sharper, focused, and not easily intimidated by any threat.

Bubble Shooter

What can be more exciting and fun and also super relaxing than a game of Bubble Shooter! This alluring game can make your every second count spent over it.

The classic element of the Bubble Shooter game is that it can effectively train your brain and make it solve all challenges.

The idea of bursting the bubbles in the same color sequence before any other disrupts it keeps you focused and urges you to win at every level.

Plans for Weekends? Nah, it’s Fun Mind Games for the Weekends!

Stack up these robust and fun-filled brain games for your weekends and tease the grey cells to their fullest.

Go ahead and download these invigorating game applications.

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