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How to Produce High-Quality Animated Videos for Business
How to Produce High-Quality Animated Videos for Business

It is said that video plays an important role in the marketing campaign of a company. The more attractive video is the more you will be getting in touch with your targeted audience. For this, you need to get connected with a company that not only provides you quality animation services but also 2D animation services at the most affordable rates. Following are the steps that are followed in the production of high-quality animated videos for business:

1. Pre-Production and Creative Brief

When you are looking to get a high-quality animated video,you must be having complete information about the brand. This helps in creating a better video.

In the first step of the production of a video,you must gather all the information regarding the company you are making a video for expanding their business. This document should explain where the brand is currently standing in the market.

2. Script

Once you are done with the preproduction it is now time that you move towards the next step that is scripting. Scripting is also said as the heart of an animated video because it plays an important role to obtain a high-quality animated video.

When we talk about the classic script structure so it consists of a beginning, a middle, and an end.

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· Beginning:

At the start, you need to catch the attention of the audience by explaining what their problem is and why they are here? In this step, your script should target your audience and should not just take about the brand.

· Middle:

At this point now you can talk about your company and the services you are providing or the products you are selling. Moreover, do tell your audience that how a company can save their day.

· End:

The end answers the “why”. As your audience now know basically what you are providing and how you can solve their problem. Now is the time to attract the audience towards your company over others. Moreover, this helps your audience to choose your product from competitors.

3. Storyboard

The storyboard helps in defining the detailing of the video that what visual aspect of the video will come at what point. It helps to indicate the camera shot that where what should be done.

Not only this you can add angles transitions and action in the video as well.

A storyboard is also considered as the key piece where visualization is done before proceeding towards the animation.

A storyboard consists of three main elements:

· Frames:

Frames are considered as the still images that help in generating the idea of basically what is going in the scene at a certain moment in the video. These frames will help you in getting the visual composition of the animated video.

· Descriptions:

You must add a description at every moment. This helps the animators and illustrators to get a better understanding basically what is happening in the scene.

· Voiceover:

After the frames and description is done there comes up the element of voiceover that helps in giving life to the animated video. Not every time you need a voiceover artist but some of the video needs voiceover artist in every scene. This also helps in setting the timing of the scenes.

4. Style frames

The style frames help in the visualization of true quality and the style of the animation that can be used in your video.

The style frames are some of the high resolutions still frames that come out from the storyboard and have the end-quality characters and graphics in it. It looks like that the character will come out of the screen later.

It can also be used to assess the process ahead of time. Because the art and animation processes are so lengthy, it’s critical to have this moment of video inspection in case any adjustments or input are required.

5. Voiceover

A person’s voice can set the tone of a whole video. Will you go for a friendly tone? Or would it be better for your brand if you used a charming tone?

It will also influence another crucial factor: the length and rhythm of your animated film will be determined by the final duration of the recording.

As a result, you should keep in mind how critical it is to choose the appropriate video voiceover. The quality of your video is shown through voiceovers. It’s not the same as having a professional voice actor record in a studio with the correct microphones as having a voice note recorded on an iPhone.

6. Illustration

It’s time for the illustrators to shine at this stage of the animated video production process. Every graphic element in the final video, including characters, backgrounds, charts, and typography, will be created by them.

These illustrations will be animated at a later time. Depending on the kind of animation you want, your skilled illustrators are currently developing every graphic aspect (Whiteboard Video, Motion Graphics Video, Cartoon Animated Video, etc.).

7. Animation

We’ve made it! Hello and welcome to the animation stage of the production.

It would be an understatement to suggest that animation is vital. It’s crucial since it’s at this point that each graphic element and character will come to life.

The most time-consuming aspect of the procedure is animation. It’s extremely demanding simply because it brings the characters to life. Your team of expert animators will import all of the assets (illustration, voiceover, storyboard, etc.) into specialist animation systems at this point.

8. Music and Sound FX

As soon as the animation process is done it is time to integrate voiceover or add another layer of music or sound effects. Adding music and sound FX is considered as the last step which creates a difference between a dull video and one that gets the attention of the audience.

The background music adds life to the video and your video will stand out unique among the audience in another way.

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9.  The Wrap Up

In the wrap up we mean to say that it’s time to finalize and export your video in different video formats like MP4 or any other. The MP4 format is the most popular video format used in current which helps in generating a small file size but in high video quality.

Once you are done with your video it is now time to publish it on different social platforms.

Design a campaign in such a way that can attract your users and helps you convert your audience to some of the potential buyers.


So, this is the process that how you can easily create some of the high-quality videos that will attract your user. To get higher user engagement your video must meet all the marketing requirements.

This will help in building your brand reputation as well and people will get a proper idea of your company.

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