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Do you what is the prevalent problem for the mobile app development companies? It is to make their app visible and accessible globally. Yes, more than 2 M mobile applications are available in the app stores. In order to make your own space in the market, it is crucial to implement the best marketing tactics. The purpose of writing this blog is to let you that how to make your app no.1 in your domain. App Store Optimization plays an important role here. Therefore, it is crucial to know the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO). Also, how it can enhance your app visibility. So, let’s begin with the brief introduction of ASO without any further delay.

What is App Store Optimization?

How to Make your App No.1 in Your Domain?

ASO includes Mobile App SEO, as well as App Store Marketing. It helps in the boosting the mobile apps’ ranking straightforwardly within the app stores, including Google Play, Windows, and iTunes. If I talk about the primary goal of App Store Optimization, then it consists of:

1. Enhance brand visibility
2. Audience engagement
3. Extra diversification to marketing channels
4. Positive feedback of mobile app

You must be thinking that how justify your investment in ASO? It is important for you to know that the number of app stores users is increasing by leaps and bounds. As per a report by Statista.com, approximately 270 billion applications are predicted to be installed in 2017, which is more than 2016.

Therefore, it would be not wrong to say that if you are not utilizing ASO, in order to enhance your app’s ranking, then you are missing out an important aspect.

Crucial Factors to Enhance your App Visibility

How to Make your App No.1 in Your Domain?

Figure Out Your Target Audience and Competition

A well-designed strategy is one of the biggest factors to your success. Consider these points will surely help you out:

1. Languages your target audience commonly use
2. Why one should download your applications?
3. How it is going to resolve users’ problem?
4. What are the keywords targeted by your competitors?

For a perfect ASO tactic, you need to put yourself on customers’ shoes. You should focus on the improvement of discoverability of your app in the app stores. Therefore, targeting the appropriate keywords is something you can’t ignore. Figure out the research done by consumers. You can do it by finding their actual query that is responsible for bringing them on your app. Moreover, you need to analyze the strategies that are implemented by your competitors.

•Focus on Keywords Comes into Low Competition

As we know that the competition is quite high. No matter how unique your app idea is, you will find another app with the same functionality. This causes a tough competition among all the Android and iOS app development companies. In order to stay ahead, you should utilize the research utilities. These tools will assist you to figure out the keywords having low competition, as well as search volume. As soon as you designed social proof and reliability, go and attack the higher competition keywords. Don’t try to jump directly to achieve a big success. Do a proper research and then, proceed further.

How to Make your App No.1 in Your Domain?

•App Description & Keywords

Google Play Store gets the keyword via the description that you have given, in order to make them the keywords of your app store. While setting up your application store keywords, in order to describe it on the Google Play, you need to ensure that your keywords’ majority is in an initial couple of lines. Do you know why? This is because it will have a huge impact on the Google ranking algorithms. It is possible to display your spacing and emoji list in the Play Store. This makes it simpler to remember your description. Always mention the advantage of your mobile application, such as recommendations, as well as awards while jotting down your app’s description. Last, but not the least, add links in your description to enhance your search outcomes.

•Google Play & App Store Ratings

Rating is one of the crucial factors in deciding the success of your app. Yes, if you don’t have the rating of at least 4 or more, trusting your app will become tough for the users. Ensure each new client sees significance in your mobile app from the beginning. Always try to design it in a way that new clients get attracted towards it. Apart from this, it is also important to request for review in an appropriate time. Examine the activities done by your users and focus on the personalization of your app. It is recommended to stay away from some irrelevant messages. Make sure that the message you want to convey is essential and pertinent.

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•Pick Categories Describing your App Functionality

Another factor to make your app billions is by choosing the proper category for your application. Google Play Store finds out the app of your use by going through the categories. Therefore, when you select the category, make sure you are mainly focusing on the chief functionality of your Android or iOS app. Confused? Let us take the example of Instagram. It is categorized in Video and Photos. On the other hand, Facebook is classified as a Social Networking site.

•Keep Updating Your App

Mobile app developers must agree on this that the popular mobile applications are those that keep on updating. Adding features as per the current requirements is quite necessary to win against your competitors. Mobile applications with the latest updates receive positive reviews. Google Play Store, as well as Apple App Store give preference to the apps with regular updates in their ranking algorithm.


I hope with all the above-mentioned tactics, you will be able to bring your mobile applications in the number 1 position. However, one thing that is hard to ignore is the functionality of your app. Nothing can work unless you have an impeccable app with innovative features. Therefore, if you are searching for the leading mobile app development company, then Fluper is the best solution for you. Being a well-known organization in this domain, it is capable to offer you the perfect app within the deadlines.

How to Make your App No.1 in Your Domain?

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