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WordPress has emerged as a real boon for startup businesses. Want to know how? Well, managing blogs was not that much easy as it is now with WordPress content management system. It helps you in creating fully customized and dynamic websites within a few minutes to support a large array of interface activities. You can use WordPress to make your startup leap all the benefits. Everyone in this digital era wants to have the best development team in their corner, but if you’re a startup business, then hiring a team of great developers is primarily significant. Whether they’re working on your websites, or applications, back-end software, developers have a noteworthy job to play in building up your brand and optimizing your website. This is the part that no startup businesses can afford to avoid.

However it is important for startups to choose their development teams smartly, but fortunately, there’s no lack of programmers looking to make their mark on both a contract and permanent basis. To help you in this part, before you start your developer enrollment procedure, we’ve spoken to some of the most thrilling startups in the market to find out what they prioritize to Hire WordPress Developer for their startup. A developer is a person who will decide the accomplishment of your product and guide the direction of the entire development team. So, it’s significant that startups recruit their first developer very carefully. There are several aspects that you need to consider while hiring a web developer for the startup.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Web Developer for Startups:

iconTechnical ability

iconExecution capability

iconCommunicate skill

iconTeamwork ability

Choosing a Permanent or Freelance Developer- Be Clear About Your Needs

Before you get started with the hiring process, know what your requirements are. The more precise you are the better choices you have. A predefined set of skills will help you hire  a full-time WordPress Developer. Also, make sure about the things that you’re looking for in a WordPress developer. Do you want a front-end developer or a database developer?

The main question that often comes into mind is who offers your business the most value that can come from either the contract market or permanent.

Before you start the employment procedure, you’ll need an actual idea in place of what you’re trying to accomplish. Hiring a permanent or a contract basis developers option will be less likely to consider your business if you don’t have an apparent plan of what work you want them to do.

Taking the step forward and hiring a permanent developer is a big promise. Choosing a full time dedicated WordPress developer India will mean you’ll only need one developer to complete backend and frontend tasks in your startup company. Another benefit of hiring a permanent developer is that they can be a part of your organization, sharing the ultimate goal you’re looking to attain.

On the other hand, hiring a freelance or a contractual developer who will match your business vision and company customs can be harder. Eventually, selecting the right developer is an easy process, but if you cautiously summarize your goals and specifications you should be able to lock the perfect hire.

How to Find the Right Developer for Your Startup?

As we all know that hiring a new member is a main step forward for any startup business. In addition to being technically good, the human side is very significant.

You can also ask your associates, investors, or people you have worked with before about a WordPress developer.

It is good to look at the previous works, but do not just come across at the visual design of the web page. It is good to go through all the links on the website to check the effects of the page switching.

Communication is very significant during the collaboration between him and the whole team. You should have at least a round of face-to-face conversation with him to know about the overall communication skills of the individual. It enables you to guess how well the individual will be in team handling in the future.

Take Your Time to Make the Final Hiring Decision

For a successful business use WordPress to Make Your Startup website. For this hiring, an accomplished developer is an easy step. But before landing to the conclusion remember to keep in mind that success will come from building the right team to assist your startup to nurture, and this includes developers. But by slowing down the recruitment method, you can focus on the job terms and the requirements of your business. Choosing the wrong individual can be terrible, which means the more time you invest in the hiring process, the better candidate you’re expected to find out.

5 Points Need to be Considered to Hire the Right Developer for Your Startup

Does he get motivated by your company’s culture?

Is he enthusiastic about the company’s future growth?

Does he pay interest to the latest technology trends?

Does he have a strong intellect of responsibility?

What are his interests?

Role of WordPress Developers in a Startup

A lot of people make the mistake of hiring WordPress developers without proper consideration. Thus, the companies interview several experienced candidates without apparent thought of what they are looking for in a candidate. The step leads to a loss of precious time and output.

The primary and the most imperative thing that you should do is to identify the responsibility of a WordPress developer that you are going to hire. This process should be in the form of a text that details your expectations of the new part of your growing team. As an alternative to a single line about the requirement of a new developer, this document should have 3 sections:

Proficiency in PHP

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer who has a great knowledge of PHP language. It is the most important thing to keep in mind about the skillet of WordPress developers. WordPress is developed in PHP and thus all progress in WordPress is done in this language.

Understanding of the WordPress System

It is the second thing that you need to consider while hiring a developer. Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer in India having a good understanding of the WordPress system. WordPress has a very broad architecture of databases and files that take part in the development of themes and plugins. A developer should know the WordPress system in detail because an absent file could bring down the whole website!

Knowledge of Standard Tools

Last but not the least step is checking the knowledge of tools. The WordPress developer should have thorough knowledge about the known standard tools of the development projects. These tools include deployment tools, IDE, debuggers, and version control tools. Also, understanding of project management methodologies and tools is a great advantage.

All these skills are necessary for working on any WordPress project. Nowadays almost all projects require modification of development, files, and modification to the accessible codebase. This is where the PHP skills and information about the WordPress file structure are priceless.

How to Hire a WordPress Developer Online?

Successful hiring is about finding the right candidate in the right places in the right manner. There’s no single way that guarantees to offer you the right.

Hire wordpress developers infographics

To ensure that your days of fruitless efforts to find great developers are over, we have put together industry standard job boards and websites that are best for hiring the best WordPress developers for your new agency:


WPMU Dev is a great site that helps you to hire a WordPress developer. The site has strict requirements for developers that would like to be listed on the priority board. Additionally, each developer has a profile that lists their skills and the reputation points that you could evaluate before extending an offer to the candidate.

Upwork: Hire Freelancers

This is the place where you could select from more than 10 M freelancers. This site is often described as an ocean of opportunity in terms of selecting the most appropriate site for hiring dedicated WordPress developer in India for your Company. You could extend an offer to the developers after viewing their rankings and testimonials. Even you can shortlist developers by posting a test and then checking the results.

Stack Overflow

This is the best site for hiring developers. Stack Overflow Careers gives you insights about knowledge, tools, and ways you need to hire developers.

Smashing Job Portal

This is the best job portal that helps developers and designers alike to find jobs and connect with big companies.


Toptal is the right place to go when you are looking for the best WordPress developers. It offers you with wide options to select your next WordPress developer. The candidate is selected after an interview test that includes an algorithmic challenge and an evaluation process by senior developers. This tough process filters out the less competent developers from the list easily.


The first batch of employees that startups recruit is very important. It’s about the entire growth of your company and is a make-it or break-it moment for a company. Hopefully, the points discussed above help you in finding an outstanding web developer for your startup business. At Fluper, we add value to the web world with our knowledge and proficiency over WordPress Web Development solution and a broad range of other web solutions. Explore more about our WordPress Development services and Get in touch with our experts today for further assistance.

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Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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