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According to the latest reports, Google has dropped the efforts to succeed in a $10bn (£7.7bn) Pentagon data cloud computing contract. The tech giant on Monday said that it is no longer connecting with the US defense department for participating in a $10 billion cloud computing bond. The decision was made by the California based multinational company because the company’s new ethical guidelines do not line up with the plan, without elaborating the discussion further.

Google said in a statement, “We couldn’t be assured that (the JEDI deal) would align with our AI Principles and second, we determined that there were portions of the contract that were out of scope with our current government certifications.”

Later to make the situation more interesting Amazon and Microsoft also participated in the battling process with Pentagon over a $10bn opportunity to build the US military. This is the first “war cloud” computing system that will be used for various purposes. But Amazon’s early expectation of a shock-and-awe victory may be falling away.

Formally this War cloud project was called the “Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure plan”, or Jedi Plan. This cloud military’s computing project would store up and process huge amounts of secret data, allowing the Pentagon to use AI (artificial intelligence) to boost up its war planning and hostility capabilities.

“No one seems to deny that these were actual conflicts and the players affirmatively attempted to conceal them,” said Steven Schooner, a professor of government procurement law at George Washington University. “That simply cannot be tolerated.”

Previously Google had been approaching for the deal, hoping that the £7.7bn annual data computing contract could offer a huge increase to its budding cloud business. With the help of this project, the company was planning to catch up with fellow JEDI competitors Microsoft and Amazon. The Pentagon could trust housing its cloud computing data with Google that would have been helpful to its advertising efforts with big companies.

“This is not your grandfather’s internet,” said Daniel Goure, the vice-president of the Lexington Institute, a defense-oriented thinktank. “You’re talking about a cloud where you can go from the Pentagon literally to the soldier on the battlefield carrying classified information,” he said.

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According to Federal News Network -thousands of Google workers this year refused to use Google’s technology in ways that could lead to civil rights violations. The company responded to this action by releasing standard principles for use of its AI tools. In its announcement, Google also revealed that the company will support a few portions of the JEDI contract.

For now, the Pentagon cloud computing data has repeatedly defended its request process, as the matter has dropped on to prime-time TV. To keep pace with adversaries who are involved in war contract the Military chiefs has for now warned the delay in the contract process.


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