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As per research from Statista, around 4.68 billion people in the world have access to mobile phones.  Another research showed that the estimated total number of downloads of the applications will reach 352.9 billion by 2019. This is one of the reasons why many businesses want to enhance their sales and revenue by making their product or service reach to a much wider audience.

Hence having a right Mobile App Development partner is crucial which would largely determine the success of your application. In case you already have a list of mobile app developers or mobile app development companies or even if you don’t have any, this blog will largely solve your problem.

Tips to Choose a Reliable Mobile App Developer

The below points can go a long way in helping you find the right app developer for your project. Make sure you consider all points to get the right roadmap to reach your destination.

iconCheck Company’s Portfolio

When it comes to building a mobile app, you would like to know which company has hands-on-experience in previous projects. Not only previous projects but also the quality of work delivered and many other factors like client satisfaction, project cost and success of the app comes into play.

Moreover, maintain a ratio of the number of companies in terms of its size like Startups, SME and brands which are truly associated with a company.

Check Fluper’s Portfolio to have a look at our previous work.

iconRelevant Experience in Niche

This is where you need to be very choosy about. The reason being there are a lot of mobile app development service providers all around the globe. Considering a wide range of industries ranging from logistics to automobile, Food, Travel and what not, there is a high chance that you might end up working with a developer who does not have sufficient experience.

Alert! Make sure you inquire the hows, When and what related to designs and development.

iconExamine the Company’s Process

It is extremely important to hold talks and has an idea about a company’s workflow. When it comes to mobile app development, you must know about everything from signing a Non-Disclosure agreement to the use of technologies which a company incorporate in its work.

iconAsk for Free Wireframes

mobile app development wireframe

Wireframes are the first step in a mobile app development project. Some companies charge for wireframes and prototypes while others provide wireframes for free. Just, for instance, I would like to mention that we understand that a client requires screen flow prior to making his decision.

Get a free Mobile App Design wireframe with us!

iconKnow the Company’s Team Size

A company’s team size tells you way many things apart from a company’s previous experience. We have seen it in our past that some companies who are good at marketing do get projects but end up in client dissatisfaction. This leads to the mobile app developer not being able to deliver the projects on time.

A large team can always alter its team size based on the urgency of a specific project. This is why if you are investing a big amount then it’s better to go in person before finalising the deal.

iconNever Go for Cheap Prices

This is where many start-ups end up falling prey of new companies who are not well skilled but are somewhat good in marketing. This is where they would lure you by quoting lesser than most Top Mobile App Developers. This is where you need to have a balance between your budget and the skills of the mobile app developer. The complexity of the features affect prices, this is why look for a reliable company that has years of experience.

iconCross-Platform App Development is Crucial

cross platform app development

Check it with your mobile app developer if they provide applications that are made once and deployed to many platforms. This is what cross-platform frameworks can do. For instance, most of the large businesses prefer going for both iOS and Android mobile app development.

If you are looking for mobile applications developed for various app development platforms, then cross-platform apps not only saves your money but could be built in lesser time.

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Native Vs Hybridnative VS hybrid


icon Faster and Responsive

iconAbility to use device functionality

iconBetter User Experience

iconAllows User to Quickly Learn through the app

Hybrid    icon

iconMulti-platform Usage from One code cycle

iconAccess to various hardware capabilities

iconCheaper origination costs

iconFaster speed to market

iconUse of Advanced Technologies

In present times, the quality of mobile apps is directly proportional to the skills of app designers and developers along with the use of advance technologies. Though it depends on the kind of app you require, companies that work on the latest technology and tools like Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, Unity certainly have better skill set compared to other companies.

iconCheck Skill Set of Developers

Now many of you might not have the right knowledge or skill set to know which technology would work well with which tools and so on. But this is why this blog and a few others are specifically written to help you out in your decision making.

For instance, inquire about which tools, or framework or technologies, your mobile app developer are going to incorporate in your project. This is when you can grab some knowledge and cross-question to know if your developer is good enough.

iconIndustry Recognised or Not!

Check if your mobile app developer is genuinely recognised by companies or not. This can be done in two ways; one is simple that is to look for firms or top companies in a specific location or a country. The other is to inquire if they have really been recognised.

Most of the companies recognised by brands could be a better choice for your mobile app development dream turn into a reality.

iconAsk for Source Code

It is very important for you to sign an agreement and do the paperwork so that just in case your mobile app developer is not able to complete the work on time or provides substandard work, then you can switch to some other reliable mobile app development firm.

Ask your mobile app developer to provide source code and allow you to have a real-time source code check.

iconLook for Best Packages

Developing a mobile application takes a lot of effort, not just coding. From the best design and the use of advanced technologies to added benefits; look for the best package which can provide you overall success in your mobile app development plan.

This includes what approach the company is using. For instance, Fluper uses agile development approach which allows us to constantly improve our projects from various phases of design, development, and testing, from prototypes to final deployment of the application.

iconMarketing is Indispensable

Marketing is essentially the most important part of the development process. I am not undermining other phases of development. Though all phases of development are equally important, but a great marketing plan which many Mobile App Development Companies lack can be the factor that determines the extent of your success.


Look for those companies who have a proven track record in application development and have the capability to give your application a desirable success through its various network channels.

Why Should You Consider Fluper?

Established in the year 2013, Fluper has been a leading brand which is highly recognised by companies like IBM, Google, and Apple. Being a Google Platinum App Developer, Fluper has catered to the needs of hundreds of businesses across the globe. Our Association with brands like Deliveroo, Grab and many more along with many of our apps which are powering Fortune-500 companies makes us a reliable app developer in various countries.

Fluper offers great Benefits

icon“100+ 10″% Money Back Guarantee

icon7 Days Instant Money Back Guaranteed

iconZero Cost 9 Months App Marketing and Optimization Support

iconQuickest Delivery of App Guaranteed

iconZero Cost Maintenance Guaranteed for 2.5 Years

icon150+ Startups, 50+ SMEs, 20+ Enterprises App Delivered Till Now

iconDedicated App Development Team Guarantee

iconReal-Time Tracking and Updates

iconComplete Source Code Copyrights and IPR

iconFixed Priced Cost Effective SLAs

iconExtreme Quality Guarantee Certificate

iconAgile Scrum Development Architecture

iconReal-Time 24×7 Tracking and Support

iconLegalized NDAs and Contracts with Complete Control

iconMilestone Wise Quality Delivery Charges

Have an App idea?  Contact us and book a free consultation with our experts now!

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Anshuman Kumar

Anshumann Kumar, in his role as Delivery Manager at Fluper, has been streamlining the technical complications that come in a bundle when building modern and innovative mobile applications. An issue solver by day and analytical reader by night, Mr. Anshumann always try his hands at the latest technological innovations so that the clients always get something unique.

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