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Mobile apps have been transforming routine lives as well as the way businesses approached new customers. Education is another sector that has rapidly undergone major transformations in offering knowledge and information to learners. E-learning apps like Tutopia, that was developed by an app development company in UAE, has set benchmark for most other e-learning apps. It has successfully enabled learners to access education in the most convenient and flexible way. Especially, the current pandemic situation has paved way for such apps to gain maximum popularity when most schools and institutions are operating with some limitations and restrictions. Switching to online learning is the safest and the most suitable way to continue with education. If you are looking forward to develop ana pp like Tutopia, then this blog will certainly prove to an eye-opening read for you.

We have deeply elaborated some crucial aspects regarding development of a Tutopia-like app and you can gain informative insights through this. So let’s get started..

About Tutopia

Tutopia is an amazing online learning portal that was initially launched for Bengali-medium students to help them continue with their course during the lockdown period. The app perfectly caters to resourceful studying requirements by associating professional and deft teachers and offering features like live sessions, audio-video classes, 3D graphics, animations and that everything that could make learning more comprehensive. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and has gained much popularity in very limited time.

E learning app Tutopia

Selecting an Operating System

Whether it’s a E-learning app or any business app, everyone wants to target maximum audience to gain popularity and fame. But if you are really willing to aid children and that too who can’t access expensive and modern-day education due to lack of resources, selecting an Android platform will be a much better option. Or you can simply choose to develop a cross-platform app developer that will cover both Android and iOS.                          Select an OS

User Interface

When it comes to designing an E-learning app, you have to stick to the basics and try offering a simple and straightforward app that perfectly caters to informative aspects rather than making it look too lucrative. Easy navigation must be prioritized so that leaners can easily get to the point. Choose right colors and focus on responsiveness. Simplicity of the user interface is the key element when you are dealing with an e-learning app.

User Interface

Key Features

Social Media Integration: Allow learners to register through their social media account or simply by entering their mobile number. A tedious and troublesome registration process may lower their interest in the app.

Course Search: Users must be able to search for their desired courses with absolute ease.

Tutor Search & Profile: Allow learners to search for their favorite teachers and view their profiles to confirm a course.

Check Assignments: An app that enables users to check their daily assignments and check other major tasks and activities.

Assessment Alerts: Users must get regular alerts on their assessment to keep them aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Chat with Tutor: When learners will be able to chat personally with their tutors anytime anywhere, it will enhance their learning experience.

Tech Stacks

The more advanced tech stacks a mobile app development company in Dubai will use, the better your e-learning app will perform. Hence, choosing the best and advanced tech stack for e-learning app development is a key element to describe its success.

Mobile SDK- for both Android & iOS

For SMS, Voice, and Phone verification- Nexmo& Twilio

For Push Notifications- Twilio & Push.io

For Secure Payments- BrainTree& PayPal

For Efficient data management- DataStax

Debian- The universal operating system

For robust programming- GWT

Database- MongoDB, Cassandra, & HBase

Cloud Environment- AWS

Emails- Mandril

Streaming Media- Helix Universal Server, Nimble Streamer

Real-time Analytics- Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink

Cost to Develop an E-learning App like Tutopia-

The thumb rule for estimating the cost of development for an e-learning app is its complexity. The cost will depend much on the number of advanced features you have asked your E-learning app development company to incorporate into the app.

Apart from this, the kind of app, like native, cross-platform, or a web-based app will also impact the development cost. Even the geographical location of your app development agency will also play a crucial role in this as the per-hour app development rate differs from country-to-country.

To give you a fair idea about the cost of development, it will be somewhere between $ 50,000 to 70,000 for developing a custom platform from scratch.

Whereas an E-learning app with customized AR/VR features will cost somewhere between $ 80,000 to 120,000.

If we talk about the time taken for the entire development lifecycle, a professional app development company should not take more than 100 to 120 days to come up with a robust and swift performing e-learning app.

Using the above-mentioned information, you can easily plan out and prepare a detailed framework for your e-learning app that will yield you desired results and will offer much convenience and flexibility for learners to access education.

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