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With the help of disruptive technologies, How is technology proving a boon for the sports industry? the sports industry has changed a lot and the improvements are still going on. In fact, the sports industry is using complex technologies not only to improve performance but to limit injuries as well. By the end of 2020, it is estimated that digital technology will be responsible for more than half of the sports betting online. In this blog, we are discussing how digital technology is changing the sports industry. The world of sports is continuously changing and technology has made its impact on various sports in modern time.

Let’s check out the top technology trends in the sporting industry –

Public Engagement through Social Media

Are you unable to watch the big game? 20 years ago, it was a quite disappointing experience for sports fans. This is because they have to wait for next day to get the results in the paper or they hear it from their friends. But now such time has gone as presently fans can watch record on the device from any location. Besides this, social media is emerging as the best platform where we can engage with our favorite team like never before. In fact, fans can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with their favorite player.

 Cloud Providers

There are various organizations in the sporting industry that are turning to the cloud to manage their storage as well as computing needs. In fact, these organizations have the ability to quickly scale up and down processing capacity when changes are needed for producing content. There are various streaming network services that allow customers to view content at any time, anywhere on every connected device.

Virtual and Mixed Reality

VR market is one of the fastest growing segments of the technology world. Both sports and the entertainment industry are now harnessing the power of virtual reality and mobile app developers are also focusing on this field. In the coming time, virtual sports will become immersive in the field of online gaming. In fact, medical students are also researching on virtual reality and looking for how they can overcome stressful situations of sportsmen so that their performance can be improved. This statistics is showing the virtual reality market size for different years.

Maximizing Big Data

In the coming time period, you will be able to order your favorite athlete’s jersey just by clicking on the screen. Machine learning is the only thing through which deep analysis is possible and thus it is providing the best opportunity for smart advertising like never before. The latest digital transformation that is happening in the sports industry mainly focuses on mobile app development, marketing, and increasing revenue. But the exciting thing is that they always focus on user experience and engagement so that audience can enjoy the content of their choice.

Latest Sports Technology Trends

Actionable Insights over data hoarding

Data analytics has started to make its impact on sports as the main focus of this is on the team’s ability as well as collect a large amount of data. In present times, the wealth of hardware behind sports analytics programs is scarcely a metric imaginable and that can’t be tracked or analyzed in isolation. In the coming years, there will be no need to measure every aspect of team or athlete and more attention will pay towards working to make the hordes of data for the coaches that eventually put them into use.

Rush for new hardware slows down

There are various industry leaders that are enough to cater for sports teams even the highest level. Although the situation is different in the consumer market the number of fitness wearable is growing continuously.  According to Statistica, it is expected that the number of consumer wearable will rise 126.1 by the end of 2019. The overwhelming majority of these devices indicate that it will be a case of measured quality over quantity.

E-Sports will continue its unstoppable rise

The strangest thing about the eSports market is that it is still considered as a fringe industry. In fact, the revenue from eSports has grown sharply i.e., from $130 million in 2012 to $465 million by the end of 2019. No matter what people think about serious sports, the figures displaying that current following and potential is enormous. eSports offer serious revenue to those people who are willing to dive headfirst into it. Well, needless to say, the sports industry has a huge year ahead of it.

Things that are implemented in Sports

Video Technology

There are various sports that have adopted in-game video analysis and it includes football, soccer etc. The major advantage of this technology is that the process of making decisions have simplified. Ex- In 2014, goal-line technology was used in FIFA World Cup. This technology was implemented to help referees to determine accurate results if the ball has crossed the goal line.

Portable Sensor

GPS sensors are used in rugby, football so that coaches can see where a player is present during a match and check their movements. Such kinds of sensors are continuously evolving and getting smaller to gather the minutest information.

Drug Testing

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has pushed forward the need for drug testing technologies so that they can fight with the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sports. In the present era, every athlete has to undergo drug testing to ensure that they are not doing any kind of misconduct.


The rise of the latest technologies is changing the sports industry as well as improving the experience of watching the most popular sports in the world. If you are looking for best sports application then get in touch with Fluper that is a well-known venture for developing full-fledged applications that accomplishes all needs of people.


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