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It is not extremely easy for small businesses to boost their sales just by launching a new e-commerce platform. Magento is one of the most popular platforms that powers a lot of popular ecommerce stores.  Don’t think about any platform when Magento Commerce store can revamp small businesses as well instantly increase sales revenues.  If you need the best results from your Magento store then you have to adopt some optimization techniques so that you can achieve desired results.

Basic Optimization Techniques

Attract Traffic with Value Based Content

Traffic plays an important role towards a business success no matter it is mobile app development company or something else. If you are adding unique content that provides valuable answers to queries to the target audience then definitely it will help you to attract more audience. Unique and value-based content help to improve search engine rankings as well as enhance store revenues to a large extent. If you have recently modified your website then you have to remove the content that is irrelevant to users. Try to add fresh content, update product links, and add sharing buttons so that customers can share your store on social media.

Spend Time on Visual Merchandising

If you have Magento ecommerce store then definitely you have an idea how it facilitates cross and upselling to maximize revenue. In order to create categories and sort your products, you need to use the visual merchandising tool. Magento Commerce provides us a simple to use rule based products relations feature through which you can cross-sell and upsell to maximize the order size. There is no doubt in saying that cross-selling is extremely important especially when products are used with specific items. When you sort the products according to customer requirements then definitely you will see the results in sales volume.

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Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the only thing through which you can generate more interest in a product. This is because customer reviews are user-generated and users believe them more than anything. You can enable customer reviews from Magento eCommerce dashboard and all this will boost shoppers’ interest towards your products.

Embed Loyalty Program to Drive More Sales

If you want to drive customer loyalty then Magento help you to start a reward system. At such point of time, you can think of starting a point-based reward system through which customers can earn store credit as well as they can start a referral program. According to Statista, it is predicted that mobile apps will generate approx 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via in-app advertising and app stores by the year 2020.

Advantages of using

The biggest advantage of using Magento is that it offers flexibility and affordability and that is highly beneficial for e-commerce entrepreneurs as well as Android app development firm.

Flexible and Free

For small businesses, the cost of setting up an online store can be overwhelming hence Magento is the best option for them as it offers a full e-commerce suite for free. In fact, this is the best platform that allows users to customize functions according to their specific needs. Magento is quite different from another ecommerce platform as here users are confined to rigid options that are best for them.

Ready Support

Magento is an open-source platform that has attracted a large expert community of users. Magento mobile app developers, IT experts are familiar with this platform & hence they provide you the best advice for any problem that you might encounter. But it is extremely crucial for small businesses as they don’t have knowledge due to which they can’t effectively use tools on the Magento platform.

Mobile Phone Friendly

In a report, it is predicted that approx 80% of traffic is generated by users’ mobile phones.  Needless to say, mobile phones are convenient devices through which users can do shopping while doing other chores. In fact, they don’t have to wait to access the PC for anything as we can do all tasks with mobile phones. Magento is backed with HTML5 capabilities that ensure that mobile phone users can access the website through their mobile phones without any hassle.

Tips to convert Magento Online Store into Mobile app

Mulling over the ways

Once you have decided to build an application on Magento then hire Magento Development Company and explain your objectives. On the other hand, you can hire those companies that have readily built extensions. Such mobile app builders not only extract the data out of Magento ecommerce store but also convert it into a mobile application. According to the structure and interface of your application, you can decide on your own.

Building the UI

Once you choose the development model, you have to think about app design that should be simple, clutter-free as well as optimized. The homepage of your mobile application displays a lot of things from the store. If not, then you have to display a menu from where customers can find the latest offers that are available on estore. This is because mobile users do not want to scroll too much in order to explore categories as well as subcategories of the product.

Working on the Checkout Process

You need to keep your mobile application away from long forms, complicated questions as well as detailed descriptions. If you want to extract user information then use a different way so that people do not find it cumbersome. If possible, provide the option of signing through Facebook or Gmail so that customers can make their purchase quickly. Besides this, you have to analysis the number of users on your application so that you can find out the features as well as aspects that need improvement.

Last but not least

Mainly, the structure of your application depends on the type of platform that you are using. Magento commerce store can easily revamp small businesses so if you are using this platform, don’t worry about anything.  If you want to attract users then offer them a streamlined and secure application through which they can order quickly.


Magento is the best ecommerce platform that powers various popular ecommerce stores. Are you looking for a company that offers Magento App Development Services? Hire Fluper as this firm has ample work experience in developing the user-friendly applications that are totally based on latest technologies.

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