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Have you heard the term Android Go? I think you must have. Why? That’s you are here to find out the difference between Android Go and regular apps. Well, if you still don’t know, then I would like to tell you that Android Go is a variant of Android that is built for the entry-level Android Smartphones. Google is going to introduce multiple Go apps that are designed in such a way that they would use a little data to work properly and would be lighter on the resources. These apps can surely bring a huge difference in mobile app development companies directly or indirectly.

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Android Go and Regular Apps: Difference

Now, one thing to mull over is that how the operating systems are different? Android Go is a full-fledged counterpart and does not release to the Android devices directly like the Android One programs. Rather the software is distributed to the manufacturers. These manufacturers first change it and include their applications, as well as software. The recently released device of Samsung is the best example of Android Go device.  Just like a new operating system, Google has designed the latest apps, in order to make an appropriate usage of device’s memory. As these applications are lighter, hence need approximately 50% lesser space. Android Go gadgets come up with some pre-installed applications are mentioned below:

  • Google Maps Go
  • Google Assistant Go
  • Google Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Chrome
  • Files Go
  • YouTube Go
  • Google Play Store

Let us discuss some of these apps in detail in the upcoming section.

  • YouTube vs. YouTube Go

Just like Gmail Go, YouTube Go mainly focuses on effortlessness and ease of use. It also keeps the users aware of the file sizes. You can simply know that how much Internet data a video will utilize. However, you cannot like or dislike a video. It is possible to go through the description of a video before playing it. The app gives a unique experience as compared to the common YouTube application, in spite of the fact that the UI, as well as design language mostly remains the same.

Apart from this, unlike regular YouTube apps, this Go version of YouTube looks easy and even has less functionality. One thing, which can be said about YouTube Go, is that it not as robust as YouTube. Yes, there are some performance problems with it that are not available with YouTube. Do you want to know what issues I am talking about? This incidence would explain it all. A few days ago, I played a video and just as we all do, I started to scroll down to suggested videos. I have faced a pretty much device freeze about a second that was strange to me. However, the issue is not a big one. YouTube Go apps work perfectly if you want to see a YouTube video and even do other wonderful job. And last but not the least; it keeps the data of the users conscious.

  • Gmail vs. Gmail Go

Gmail Go majorly focuses on functionality, which is also focused on Gmail. It can function as mailing app in its lighter form and looks similar to its fulfilled counterpart. Gmail Go utilizes a webview and hence, makes the performance irregular. Moreover, it is larger in file size as compared to Gmail.

Gmail has multiple things in terms of graphics, making it superior to Gmail Go. With a nice animated account switcher, you can easily swipe. In addition, the mail composition activity even features a shadow in between the actual composition area and the top bar. This is not possible in the lighter edition of the application.

Therefore, it can be clearly said that there is not a big difference between Gmail Go and Gmail. Only the small visual modifications are there. Talking about the functionality, it is quite similar and Gmail Go works exactly as an email client does. The key thing here is Google generally focuses on keeping a low file size. That means performance is its second priority because a basic email client commonly does not require a good performance to work in the market.

  • Google Maps vs. Google Maps Go

As per my perspective, this is a point where Google should go for few modifications, in order to make its map apps work properly on the devices that have low RAM. Yes, most of the devices can stutter while accessing the full edition of Google Maps. Allowing Google maps to work on Android Go was a challenge, but Google has made it feasible. You can access the Google Maps on Android’s Go version. You may feel it somewhat differently; nevertheless, the functionality is similar to the normal version. It works well and serves the purpose for which the maps have been developed. This is one of the tiniest applications of Android Go version and comes under 1 MB. The reason behind it is that it is a web view and not the full application. It would be not wrong to say that Google Maps Go is one of the well developed Android applications.

Just like any other app, there few graphical inconsistencies, however, none of them are too drastic, making it a completely different application. Google Maps Go is a wonderful recreation. No doubt, it missed some features, such as suggesting a MyTaxi or an Uber. Nevertheless, it is entirely fine because they are merely advertisements. This app is an amazing case. You can simply use it on the Android device, easily by going to the website of Google Maps on your mobile phone. There is one limitation with Google Maps Go that is you cannot navigate GPS turn-by-turn in real time. It is not possible to tell your Smartphone to guide you the directions due to this restriction. However, overall it is a good application to access. Those features, which are not available in this app are used rarely, resulting it to be a worth using application.

Final Thoughts

Mobile application development companies have to deal with new challenges every day with the advancement in the technology. Now, as these lighter Android apps have come into the frame, the app developing companies should start considering building apps that are compatible with Android Go version.

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