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‘Google’, No doubt, we all are aware of this word and most likely we use it somewhere in our daily routine, either we want to search anything, or get information about anything. Google was first introduced in 1998 and it arrived as a revolution in the technological sector, but more mobile and desktop industry it is a boom. From a recent report, it was found that, in 2019, Google generated 160.74 billion US dollars revenue. Now you can easily guess its popularity.

Currently, we all are living in the era, where we get a smartphone in every hand. Now, smartphones become an integral part of our daily lives and we easily perform every task with the use of it. There is no doubt in this that now smartphones beat the desktop and instead of the desktop, we prefer smartphones to use.

But whenever we use a smartphone then we found most of the things related to Google and if we are Android users, then you know that Android is also of google. So, you can also say that Google takeover the Smartphone and it created the entire eco-system of its own to rule the world.

So in this blog, we are going to discuss different Google’s Mobile Products and how it takeover the smartphone segment by creating its own eco-system.

Google towards Creating its Own Eco-system

By releasing Android OS, Google clears that it wants to rule all over the mobile segment by providing better services than iOS. IOS is the operating system of Apple and it is highly popular but only available for Apple devices. The major motive of Google is to collect and organize the information of the whole world and make it accessible for users in the most convenient way.

But Google wants to do something big and that’s why it decided to create its own eco-system so that it can deliver better than others. Google decided to create Google’s mobile products for existing platforms, OS development, as well as its own Smartphones.


Why Google Enter in the Smartphone Market

Google first released Android OS for different smartphone companies, on the other hand, Apple’s iPhone entire stack is owned by Apple and it can’t provide its accessibility to any other. So, to stay ahead in the competition Google decided to create its own flagship models and it released the first smartphone by Google named ‘Google Nexus’. In this way, Google comes into mobile marketing.

Google understands that Apple always creates high range products and that’s why Google grabs the mid-range and low range market to stay ahead in the competition with Apple. In starting Google also acquired Motorola to build cheap Android phones with better quality. If we see the current scenario, we see that Android is the top OS by beating iOS.

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Google Mobile Strategy

In this section, we are going to discuss Google’s major areas and mobile products in each area. Let’s start

iconGoogle Mobile Advertising

Most of the users shifted towards mobile devices and that’s why Google is able to generate better advertising revenue and develop more innovative mobile products. Every mobile app development company can take advantage of it.

The major advertising products of Google are;

Google Mobile Advertising

iconGoogle AdWords

AdWords is Google’s digital ad service platform, offers strong mobile marketing solutions and web marketers with ROI monitoring tools.


Location and Call Extensions

Using this ad extension, it becomes easy for mobile advertisers to search for local searchers and also provide help to convert them into your lead.


Google Offers

Google’s Smartphone service provides discounts that can be purchased online or in stores. Google’s Offer is like other popular websites, such as Groupon and Live Social, which allow the customer to quickly resettle deals with coupons saved on his mobile device.


Google AdMob

It is a specially designed internet advertisement platform for smartphone apps. Inside other popular applications, advertisers will publicize the apps using this tool.


Google Apps for Mobile

Inside your mobile phone, you find various mobile apps build by Google and all these apps provide better services to us. Due to this popularity of Google apps, now various companies hire Android app developers to get a better app.

Google Apps for Mobile


Google Maps

Google Maps is a flagship feature of Google desktop, mobile map, and GPS apps raising the bar… Google Maps provides simple, accurate, and quick directions to travel by vehicle, public transport, or walk. Google Maps offers many excellent extra features, including indoor charts, 3D charts, street views, and off-line maps.


Google Now

It is a network of Siri-like voice prompts and a card program that helps users to tailor their preferred alerts. Google Now is the Smartphone’s vision!


Google+ Local

With the Google+ Local app, smartphone users can search for Zagat-rated nearby restaurants and entertainment.


Google Wallet

It’s a way to pay online through secure Google cloud servers. Google Wallet is not always sponsored, but this is a step forward in cashless and cardless purchases.


Google Voice

Give free text messages, read voicemail transcripts, and more with Google Voice to allow cheap foreign calls.


Google Goggles

It is a smartphone Object Recognition technology that allows users to take an image of an object and learn more. It is also a thrilling visual search technology.


Google Shopper

Google Shopper software allows smartphone users to search for items to purchase.


Google Content for Mobile

Google also provides various applications for mobile devices that allow entertaining yourself and using these apps you can also create your content. Let’s check these Google’s mobile products;

Google Content for Mobile



It is the most popular video-sharing platform where you get millions of videos related to every topic. Here you can also create your channel and make videos. Currently, more than 50% of views come from mobile devices. Google also gets huge benefits through video ads.


Google Play

It is Google’s mobile store where you get various apps, movies, songs, eBooks, and many more. These all are downloaded from Google cloud.


Google Devices for Mobile

To take over mobile marketing, Google also created its devices to stay ahead with its competitor and provide better Google services to users.

Google Devices for Mobile



It is a Linux-based Google operating system that is openly available for mobile devices and that’s why now it is considered as the most popular operating system. Android has a 75% share of the mobile apps market.


Google Chrome

It is a mobile internet browser through which it is easy for users to navigate the internet on mobile devices. It also comes with some exciting features like tabs, incognito mode, and sync bookmarks that make a better mobile internet browsing experience.


Google Glass

It is a research and development program run by Google to develop Augmented Reality eyeglasses. These glasses work like a smartphone and using it users can access the internet, camera, calendar, and various other apps using voice commands.


From the above-discussed blog, it is clear that Google is now ruling the world and take over the smartphone market. With its Android OS, billions of Android mobile apps are available in the app store and some of the Google apps are an integral part of our smartphone like YouTube. Google’s mobile products are providing better services in comparison to its competitor.

Still, there is scope for improvement and no doubt, Google will easily enhance it. Being a leading mobile app development company in USA, we at Fluper offer top-notch mobile app development services. For any query feel free to contact us!



Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma is the visionary CEO of Fluper, the leading mobile app development company known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge mobile applications. With a relentless drive for excellence and a deep understanding of the tech industry, Anshul leads Fluper with a focus on delivering value-driven products that transform businesses. Under his leadership, Fluper has become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital space.

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