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Facebook is the most popular social media platform that always comes with a new advancement to enhance its services and user experience. Recently Facebook comes with a new extraordinary feature to enhance the experience of its users. Facebook releases a new video chat feature named Messenger Rooms which is now available on both desktops as well as mobile. The recent feature is an enhanced version of the current Facebook messenger’s video calling feature. But the best thing is that it allows up to 50 people to connect on video without having any time limit through Facebook messenger or using major Facebook app.

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The company also told that there is a limit on who can join the video chat or you can also make it public using the link even if they don’t have a Facebook account. You can easily start and share messenger rooms through a link on the news feed, events, and groups, so it becomes easy for you to drop it whenever you want, told the vice-president of the Messenger app. Using this feature you can also select who can join and see your room. It is also easy to remove any person and lock the messenger rooms so that anyone can’t join it.


Still, you can use all feature of the messenger as you previously use, but by selecting ‘People’ section on messenger, now you receive an option to create a room and from there you can easily set different parameters such as the function of the room and other custom options like whom to give entry in the room. In Facebook main app, you can do it through the news feed. You can create a room for any of your friends and also with whom you share your link. You can also select specific people who will receive a personal messenger invitation from you. You can also do it for the public, but always take care that you don’t do it accidentally.

Facebook Releases ‘Messenger Rooms’

It is a little bit confusing to use in starting, but once you used it 2-3 times, you can easily create a messenger room. But the messenger room is superb in quality and also has added features like AR filters and VR backgrounds. This feature has great potential to stand out and even more during this pandemic after founding a few negative points on Zoom.

With this feature, Facebook wants to extend its business and messenger rooms arrive as an opportunity for enhancing its messaging products. Facebook also said that this feature doesn’t use end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp, but still it is totally secure the same as the messenger. The company also suggests reporting rooms whenever you found something illegal.

During COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom is the biggest tool for people to do social hangouts, despite having some privacy issues. But with its Messenger Rooms, Facebook wants to compete with it and provide better services than Zoom. Google also comes with a new such app named Google meet.



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