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Google is soon going to announce a 5G version of Pixel 4 in next week’s event. The phone may be shown in the market as early as next week, according to Nikkei. The LTE versions of the Pixel 4 will soon be announced at an event next Tuesday. Nikkei has also claimed that Google has begun “test production” on the model of the phone that includes 5G.

Well, for now, it is not clear when the 5G model will be released, in the marketplace. It possibly could be shown next week, but according to the reports the announcement could also be held until spring-time to appear along with a new budget phone, which will be a successor to the Pixel 3A.

In case the device supporting 5G is revealed on Tuesday, it’s possible that it would just be a teaser for launch later on. It sounds that the development of the model isn’t complete, and devices aren’t all set to go into production so far. Last year the Pixel 3 sales were slow at launch time, and Google would not risk slowing sales of this model by previewing a higher-end version that no one can buy. In both the conditions, the main agenda of the multinational tech giant is to bring 5G phones on the marketplace within the next year, ahead of a 5G device that is hopefully expected in next September. The 5G networks are still in its early stage and for consumers; there is no reason to get one of these phones. But being the one who brings 5G technology in the market earlier could still help Google to get some attention for its phone.

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Everything We Know So Far About 5 G Pixel 4

Nikkei also mentioned that Google might also reveal a new smartwatch and a laptop at Tuesday’s event. A fresh version of the Pixel book has by now been rumored, but a smartwatch somewhat we’ve not heard about. In the past, Google hasn’t had much luck with smartwatches but still, the company is going to try its fortune given how many are on the marketplace already.

For now, the company reportedly wants to launch the 5G Pixel 4 well before its 5G Phone device land in the marketplace. Expectantly Google still has some more surprises left for its worldwide users next week.


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