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One of the benefits that Chromebooks — well, the majority of Chromebooks — present is the capability of running a lot of your preferred Android applications next to Chrome OS windows. In fact, several more well-liked Android apps have been optimized for the Chrome Operating System so that they would seem ideally at home on your Chromebook.

Google has an extensive list of the Chromebooks, which can run Android applications. However, it’s not tricky to make sure to observe if yours is one of them by executing the following steps:

iconMove to Settings

iconTap on “Apps” link available on the left-hand menu

iconIn the core window, search for “Google Play Store.” If it’s there & invites you to “Install apps and games from Google Play on your Chromebook,” then you set to go.

Your Chromebook is probably able to run Android apps, but the attribute has not yet been allowed. Not an issue— it’s straightforward to fix.

iconAs earlier, go to “Settings” >> “Apps” >> “Google Play Store.” Perceive a button available at the right of the “Google Play Store” tag that says, “Turn on.” Hit on that.

iconPrior to do anything, you will get the usual terms of service document, which you have to scroll through & support. Go through it if you like, then accept it.

That’s all! Now all you only have to search for the recognizable Play Store symbol in your Launcher, by hitting on the icon of Launcher in the lower-left screen’s corner or utilizing the Launcher key on your keyboard located above the left Shift key. It will take you to the Play Store, and you can look for and install your preferred Android applications on your Chromebook.

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Android applications you’ve installed are also going to show on the Launcher, similar to any other Chrome OS application. For instance, when I installed Spotify on a PixelBook, its icon displayed in the Launcher next to all the other apps.

Note: The initial time you move to the Google Play Store, you might get a pop-up, asking you to “Complete account setup” by accumulating a payment alternative. Don’t fright. If you don’t desire to add any payment information, you don’t have to. Only hit “Skip.”

It is also possible to choose many of the similar choices for the Android applications that you would in case; they were on your mobile phone. Hit on “Manage Android preferences” to decide whether you wish for notifications, if DND (Do Not Disturb) should be activated, and more.

Note: Android applications that have been customized for utilization on a Chromebook — which implies several popular apps — will look & act like standard Chromebook applications. Though apps that haven’t been optimized are basically going to appear in a phone screen layout, thus they won’t be as working — even if they should, with perhaps a few exemptions, still work.


Being a Delivery Head at Fluper, Sukhmander is responsible for the on-time delivery of projects. With its previous years of experience, he has mastered the art of building mobile apps that fulfill the necessities of clients effortlessly. Mr. Sukhmander has become a perfect example of dedication and discipline for all.

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