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Google Play Store is one of the leading mobile app stores in the world. There are currently around 3 million Android apps on this giant mobile app store. The presence and addition of countless mobile apps makes it difficult and confusing for the users to download the most reliable app amongst all the options displayed by the Google Play Store.

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Realizing this issue long back, Google has been testing certain new functions for enriching its users’ experience. This leading American multinational technology company is currently experimenting in the Play Store mobile application with the help of a new “Compare Apps” feature for simplifying the process of selection of relevant apps for its users. Checkout the Top Android App Development Company.

This unique feature is already available for few random users. Compare Apps function displays identical mobile applications in a horizontal pattern that can be easily scrolled by users for learning and comparing their ratings, number of downloads, user-friendly layout, availability of certain features, etc.

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Google Play Store Update

This long-awaited feature aims to simplify the users’ experience and enable them in making a well-informed decision. Now, users will not have to open every single application listing individually and look for the features it offers as they can simply learn about the application that best suits their expectations and requirements on the Google Play Store App itself using the new “Compare Apps” Feature.


Google Play Store is soon to roll out a new feature that will enable the users to compare two or more Android mobile applications and download the one that best fits their requirements.

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