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Google stated that under the threat of regulation, that it is updating its Google Play billing policy to better explain which forms of transactions will be subject to in-app buying commissions from Google. While the more comprehensive language does not change the purpose of the earlier policy, it will affect a percentage of developers who do not currently use the billing system of Google Play when selling digital products in their app. Also, the company announced that it would make updates to Android 12 that will make downloading and using third-party app stores as an alternative to Google Play simpler for users.

The business claims that on Google Play, its latest billing policies only extend to fewer than 3% of users. Among those games, 97 percent already use the billing library for Google Play. That means that, under the clarified terms, there is only a small percentage of applications that would need to comply.

To make the move easier, app developers will be given an extended grace period of 1 year to integrate the billing library of Google Play into their applications if they have previously skirted Google’s digital purchasing policies.

For the next 12 months, Google will also offer certain organizations affected by the pandemic the option to opt-out of its payment policies. This may refer to those organizations, such as live events, that had to transfer their previous physical services online.

Google has said that, in stark contrast to Apple, it would not restrict the ability of developers to connect with consumers, including alternative ways to pay.

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To clarify, Google Play has no restrictions on this form of contact beyond the application of a developer here. They could, for instance, have an offer at a lower cost on another Android app store or via their website than on Google Play, the company noted. As such, we have also always allowed developers to send their customers refunds and directly provide other customer support,” it said.


In today’s announcement, Google also says it will make improvements to the release of Android 12 next year that will make it easier for users to use other app stores on Android devices, without sacrificing the current security measures of Android.Disclaimer

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