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In an effort to generate more revenue from their mobile applications, today is introducing a new tool for Android developers. It is well known that mobile app developers are increasingly using multiple methods to monetize their apps and games. This is why; the company is launching a new monetization option for apps called “Rewarded Products.” This will allow non-paying app users to contribute to an app’s revenue stream by sacrificing their time, but not their money. This trend has been to reward users for a monetizable action, like watching a video, with in-game currency, virtual goods or other benefits. This gives users more choice in how they experience the app or game and has been an effective way to monetize non-paying users.

For the Android app developers, this feature will surely be helpful but it is exciting to see how users will react to this. It will depend on how the videos are introduced in the app. Well, it is important to mention that it is not subscription-related. Android app development companies, of course, are already using advertisements for the monetization, but this launch creates an official Google Play “product.” This makes implementation easier on developers and gives Google a way to compete with third parties offering something similar.

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Google Play is excited to announce rewarded products, which is a new product type now available in open beta in the Play Console. As we know, most of the users don’t want to pay for the apps on the Play Store than those on iOS. The launch comes at a time when Apple has been seeing success with subscriptions. It is a major fact that subscriptions are now one of the biggest factors, outside of games, in-app store revenue growth. However, now rewarded products make it easy for Google Play developers to increase their non-paying app users base. The first rewarded product offering will be in a video format. Users can elect to watch a video advertisement and upon completion be rewarded with virtual goods or in-game currency.

“The rewarded products can be added to any app using the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface with only a few additional API calls”, the company says. Also, it won’t require an SDK. This significantly reduces the work required to implement compared to other offerings.

Rewarded products are powered by AdMob technology to give access to the broad range of content from advertisers currently working with Google. Google has introduced the concept of rewarded ads last March during the 2018 Game Developers Conference, and published documentation regarding SDK-dependent, full-screen rewarded videos in November. But now, they’re available more widely.

Google Offers New Tools For Android Developers to Make Money


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