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Google will soon be introducing some noticeable changes in the search layout to mobile.  Now, whenever you will search for anything on your mobile, you will see a logo and a website icon at the top of each result Card. If Google has a “useful ad” to show you, it will come out with a bolded ad label and the web address. The updated design will allow Google to add new actions, like the ability to buy movie tickets or play podcasts, to the results page.

The design will begin rolling out the changes in the “next few days”. But one thing clearly said by Google that this change will come first to mobile. And Google spokesperson also said the changes will show in both Google app and web searches.  Once changes implemented completely can be helpful in better understanding and determining the source of the information. Particularly at a time when there are concerns over fake news from across the world. Google is hoping the changes will make it easier and simplest to identify where information is coming from. “The format and amount of information available on the web have will change drastically”, which was there over the years.

How it will look now?

With the updated design, Google’s mobile search will start to look like news feed. And this will be filled with posts from the number of publishers on a specific subject.  Highlighting the source of information makes a lot of sense, mostly as concerns about fake news sources continue. “To create richer search result pages, Google took a step this design change”. With the help of this design, more and more images and decorated pieces of information have been appearing directly on the search page. Moreover, Google says this new design “allows us to add more action buttons and helpful previews.” It sounds as though search results, which are each displayed as individual cards are going to change into increasingly interactive. And let you do and see more without actually visiting another page.

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Google says that the redesign is coming to mobile “first,” which means that it will eventually make its way to the other platforms soon as well. As the redesign will be rolled out in coming days, keep an eye out. Google said, “The latest feature will make the “Indian express link” stand out over a link from an unknown blog or website. That will happen when in case Google happens to surface both of them on the same search results page. This will definitely help the user to conclude which source is credible to fetch the information they are looking for. Moreover, this change will help users to differentiate b/w a search result and an advertisement promoted on Google.

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