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Google announced that media app developers will be permitted to build new music and other entertainment apps to infotainment systems as Google give keys of Android Automotive OS to 3rd party media app developers. The dashboard-centric version of its mobile platform will be launched first on the Polestar 2, an electric vehicle made by Volvo’s standalone electric performance brand. Firstly, the dashboard-centric version of its mobile platform will be launched on the Polestar 2, an electric vehicle made by Volvo’s standalone electric performance brand. Google will disclose all details about its Android Automotive Operating System and the Polestar 2, at of Google I/O Annual developers’ 2019 that will begin on May 7. Initially, Google will start the upgrade with media app developers such as Spotify and other Entertainment sites.

According to Google Statement, It’s a very complicated process for developers to build embedded apps on their own, that contain input methods, regional driver safety guidelines, and a variety of screen sizes. In order to help them to manage these complexities; Google is building on the same Android Auto framework. At present, app developers can start with the music app, media apps, or podcasts apps to be optimized for the car. The new upgrade to Android Automotive OS means that app developers should not worry about the stringent process of focusing on the distraction levels and safety keys.

Confusion between Android Auto and Android Automotive OS

Mobile app developers should not confuse Google’s Android Automotive OS as the upgrade to Android Auto. Although, two are the same in a few ways, however, Android auto is necessarily just a way for the company to enable users to put their smartphones app into cars. And Android Automotive OS is the software that comes pre-installed in the car infotainment system. Developers were requesting Google to introduce this new platform to bring their apps into it. In simple words, Android Auto does not seem useful anymore, therefore, Google created Android Automotive OS.

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And the Polestar 2 is a first all-electric car was launched in Feb of this year. It is an Avante grade five-door fastback that was displayed in Geneva Motor show 2019. Polestar 2 car’s infotainment system is powered by Android Automotive OS. The services such as Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play Store are embedded in the car. The Polestar car’s production date is set in early 2020 at Chengdu, China factory. In the starting phase, Polestar sales will hit in China, Canada, and the U.S. and in some European countries. Last, of all, Google has created the automotive developers Google group community for mobile app developers to converse Android Automotive OS questions.

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Google gives Keys of Android Automotive OS to 3rd part app Developers

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