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Now, you can use Android 10, assuming you already have a phone, which supports Google’ latest edition of its mobile OS. Currently, that’s generally Google’s own Pixel mobile phones, although possibilities are that several phones that were compatible throughout the beta phase are going to be updated to the launch edition quite soon, too.

As Android’s development pretty much appears in the open nowadays, the launch itself doesn’t mark any astonishment. Similar to the previous few releases, probabilities are you will need to see twice once the update to view if your phone really functions the recent edition.

There are numerous tweaks in Android 10; however, a few of the most attracting modern features are a bit unseen off by default. In what might be a hopeful sign that this edition of Android is going come to other phones sooner than before, Google is assuring that it is “working with a number of partners to launch or upgrade devices to Android 10 this year.”

One of the features that everybody has wished for is a dark mode, and here, Android 10 doesn’t dissatisfy. The latest ‘dark theme’ is now all set for your night-time, with the assurance of support from multiple apps, such as Calendar and Photos, and enhanced battery life for OLED phone. After some time, additional mobile apps will automatically shift to a dark theme too. However, presently, the quantity appears limited and random, with Fit providing a dark mode whereas Gmail doesn’t.

Another key tweak is the upgraded gesture navigation. It stays optional button navigation Android has long provided. It is imperatively a tweak of navigation system that released with Android Pie. The most recent navigation gestures function just okay and feel more effective as compared to Pie, particularly when you attempt to switch between applications. Swiping right and left from the screen restores the back button that isn’t instantly understandable, and a bit longer press on screen’s side sometimes opens a navigation drawer. That implies, at times it works, and at times it doesn’t. The method for drawer’s opening, it appears, is to swipe at 45 degrees angle.

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In addition, new is a Smart Reply attribute that now recommends from your notifications. In case, a notification has a link, for instance, Smart Reply is going to propose opening it in Chrome. Similarly, for addresses, the notification can take you straight to the YouTube Videos, or Google Maps that you can see or play in.

Not only this, there are a few privacy & security features as well, including the capability of sharing location data with applications while you utilize them and a novel Privacy segment in Settings that offers you access to regulates for systemizing your app and web history, along with the ad settings in a somewhat more famous place. By making use of the latest Google Play structure updates, the organization can now even push crucial security & privacy fixes straight to the mobile phone through the Google Play Store. It allows it to patch problems without having to check the system updates procedure.

Given the slow Android OS upgrade cycles, that’s an important new feature, though it, too, is an evolution of Google’s overall strategy to decouple these updates and core features from the OS updates. Two additional amazing features are still in beta or not available by the next year. Nonetheless, Google importantly features Focus Mode, which enables you to silence particular applications for a while and Live Caption, which will release on Pixel phones and can automatically caption a video, along with audio across all mobile apps.
There is even native support for all the foldable phones, but meanwhile, there aren’t any foldable phones available on the market.


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