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With the advancement in technology, mobile usage continues to grow. Today, the number of Internet-enabled mobile phones is perhaps more than the humans in the world. So we can say that mobile application security is no more a feature or a benefit to avoid cyber threats but it is indeed a necessity. No doubt the technological advancements have boosted the number of smartphone users. The number is supposed to exceed the 5 billion mark till the end of this year only. We cannot deny the fact that Smartphones have made our lives easier up to some extent, but it has also become a happy space for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals have become more prone to the latest technologies for the cyber attack.

On average, a breach could not only cost your company millions but a lifetime of trust issues. That is why security should be the main concern from the moment you choose a mobile app development company. It is good to hire an Android App developer in UAE and discusses your concern regarding mobile security threats.

But before we start discussing the ways to protect mobile apps against cyber threats, it is very important to talk about the major types of Mobile security threats 2019 to have a better understanding of the complete concept. Let’s get started!

List of Top 5 Major Cyber Security Threats


Cross-Device Cyber Threat


Avoid Third Party Sites


App Store Security


Internet Connection


Single Device for Numerous Uses

Details About Top Five Major Cybersecurity Threats

Cross-Device Cyber Threat

Normally cross-device mobile threats occur when users download the application on the computer primary and later on to a smartphone device.

Avoid Third Party Sites

Always use a safe and trusted payment platform if you’re going to add your payment information in your phone. Always use the software that came with your phone – Android or Apple. Avoid any third-party apps for the process.

App Store Security

To avoid Mobile device security attacks it is important to keep app store security in mind while developing the application. In the marketplace, more than 90 percent of mobile applications are prone to cyber-security threats. The Android platform apps are more prone to such cyber-attacks as they cater to a huge variety of devices, operating system requirements, and app store checks.  On the other iOS platform is much safer as it offers greater access to secure the level of apps.

Internet Connection

It is crucial to avoid any open Wi-Fi connection while using your mobile app.  Most of the times using public Wi-Fi is not a good idea as it may result in data theft. So always use recognized internet connection. Your digital accounts, including payment apps, social media accounts, email, and other applications, are always exposed to illegal access.

Single Device for Numerous Uses

From the past few years, most of the people are saving their confidential data on mobile devices. People at the corporate point always deal with sensitive and private information. This data is always vulnerable to the risk of cyber threats if employees do all the work on the same device.

Any kind of security breach in the mobile app can be disastrous for both business owners and mobile app developers. Hence, mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia need to be on the toes to undertake advanced cyber-security threats to keep them safe from hackers.

10 ways to Protect your Mobile Applications against Cyber Threats

 Design for App Security

It is important to ensure the end-to-end security of your app. To make your business application secure you should start by preparing the threat model from the initial stage. The best way is to think like a hacker to identify all the loopholes.  For this, you can also take the help of professional security persons who help you to maintain the level of security and identify all the vulnerabilities. The security of the app becomes more crucial when you want to run an eCommerce business application. Design the app in the right way so that your major priority will be to safeguard sensitive user data at any cost.

Secure User Authentication

Using secured user authentication and authorization is necessary for any mobile application’s security. It is vital to set up the fact that a genuine user is running the app to avoid hackers and malware to access the data. Mobile app developers while setting up the user authentication part must keep in mind to focus on necessary privacy points, session management identity, and mobile security features. The use of two-factor authentication should be added in the process for stronger user authentication.

Hardening the OS

There are quite a lot of methods to harden the security of the operating system that will add more security to your mobile app. To keep the system updated with the latest security patches it is good to update your device when that pop-up reminder comes up, don’t ignore it. Simply charge your phone, clear out the necessary space, and install the update right away. Moreover, for the iOS app’s security, mobile app developers need to stay updated by reading all the guidelines of Apple’s security guide to understanding static code tools. The software updates let you stay a step ahead of hackers and the latest malware spreading across the internet.

Ensure Security of APIs

Always make certain to use the APIs to handle all the data of mobile devices in the best possible manner. As we know that APIs ensure the security of any application at any state including at transit or remaining static. API is one of the crucial features of any application. APIs that aren’t authorized and are coded poorly can accidentally grant hacker rights that can be misused sternly. It is recommended that APIs should be authorized centrally for utmost security. Also, make certain to deploy APIs which have an app-level authentication.

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Use a VPN on Public Wi-Fi

If you are going to use a public Wi-Fi network while on your phone instead of using your own data, then experts suggest using a virtual private network (VPN) to avoid breaches. A VPN is the best way to avoid security breaches and keep your data secured.  VPN can also secure your data transmissions, avoid filtering and restriction on the internet and allow you to access the variety of online content around the world.

Only Download Apps from Trustworthy Sites

It is good to download the apps from Google and Apple’s stores. Not all the applications in the Google Play store are safe, but to avoid Mobile device security attacks experts suggest that you should download from the official stores. Downloading an app from insecure or third party sites increases the possibility of ransomware, spyware, malware, and Trojans infecting your device.

Back up Phone Data

Consider connecting your mobile data to its associated cloud service in order to automatically take back up don daily basis and encrypt it. Though, if you don’t have trust in the cloud services, be certain you connect to a computer or Mac to sync the data regularly in order to protect videos, photos, apps, and other confidential files.

Test Repeatedly

Securing your application is a procedure and not a one day job. Every day new threats come out and new solutions are required. To Protect Mobile Applications against Dangerous Cyber Threats it is good to Invest in threat modeling, emulators, and penetration testing to continually test your apps for vulnerabilities. Testing helps you to fix bug issues with each update and issue patches when needed.

Be Cautious of Social Engineering Scams

Social engineering is one of the latest ways used by cybercriminals to spoof people. In this method, cybercriminals send phony texts that are meant to collect personal data and email spiteful links and attachments. It is the most excellent practices in order to gain access to systems, payment applications, or for financial gain.

Hire a Professional

Isn’t it obvious? In case the above-mentioned points are giving you a problem, then you can always Hire Android App developers in UAE who know all the ways to make your app a secure one. This way professionals help you fight the threat of cyber-threats. Hiring an expert may come with a hefty cost tag, however, in the end, it is worth. The finest part is that you don’t have to follow the potential threats or do something on your own; the professional team of experts you hire will assist you from the start until the very end to make your app a secure and successful one.


Keep in mind, before you go about securing your business mobile apps against various cybersecurity threats, it is crucial to recognize what potential threats you are combating against. After all, it is important to find a solution in order to understand the depth of the problem in the first place. Once you recognize the security threats on your business mobile app, it will be definitely easier for you to deal with the real threat.
If you fall short to follow through the above ways to avoid mobile security threats, then you might end up losing your important data ultimately resulting in huge losses.

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