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As per data released from Gartner a few years ago, it was expected that by 2017 more than 25 % of all the enterprises are expected to adopt their enterprise mobility solution. The expectations have surpassed this data like almost every enterprise in the present world needs one or the other enterprise solution.

The market requires smart solutions for streamlining its workflow. Does this mean that the enterprises need a magical solution which does everything for them but is it even possible? Well, in this blog we will dig deep into what enterprises want from an Enterprise Application Development Company and what they should be expecting.

Before we go further, it is essential to understand what enterprise application development is and why you should even consider getting enterprise mobility solutions.

What Are Enterprise Apps And Why You Need Them?

An Enterprise application is specifically designed software which is often utilised by most of the modern day companies, government bodies, and other businesses. Though the purpose of building enterprise application could vary from enterprise to enterprise, there are some similar reasons as to why the enterprises wish to opt them in large.

mobile app development companyiconImprovement in Management

iconAutomating the workflow


iconTo simplify work processes

iconAbility to communicate with other enterprise software.

Of course, a dedicated solution like enterprise solution is way better than other solutions of application development. This is one of the reasons why more and more startups and small-medium businesses after they get initial success look to opt for enterprise solutions.

Expectations from an Enterprise Application Solution

Before you choose to build your enterprise application, make sure you have a reliable partner who can concert efforts to give you a proper solution to your enterprise problem. This is where you can search through the list of leading Top Enterprise Application Development Companies who have prior hands-on experience in building such solutions. Have a look at the features your enterprise app must be built around.

enterprise application development

iconIntegration with Departments

As we have seen many of our previous clients which included some big brands as well, faced delay in their workflow. The reason being one department is unable to see the work done by other departments. This is where an enterprise app can help you in taking well-timed decisions related to production, stock, etc.

Moreover, an enterprise uses much such software which needs to work independently and also be able to work together seamlessly. This ensures better user experience and prevents an enterprise from the hassle of software integrations.

iconSecure Software

Security is a major issue when it comes to building enterprise applications. Most of the clients we have worked with stress on security highly and rightly so. Every now and then we hear about security threats and data breach incidents happening to bigger enterprises. This is where you need to make sure whether your future Enterprise Application Development Services agency can certainly give you security or not.

iconFaster Speed

Speed is a crucial factor for enterprise applications as it not only needs to be developed faster but also needs to be faster in processing enterprise data. Gone are the days, when companies used to wait for quite some time before their developer fixes the issue. In the present hi-tech world, developers are looked up as if they can fix any issue an enterprise faces within hours of reporting. Moreover, as time passes by enterprises want the latest updated versions of their software which can improve their workflow in a better way.

iconUser Centric

The enterprise application that your client wants to get must be user-centric. Every enterprise wants to get solutions which are great user-friendly, and easy to use. Not only this, your mobile app developer must be able to build an application that allows both internal and external users (clients) to satisfy their wants and meet their expected goals. Whether it is an IT company looking for data analytics or a CRM to ease out their workflow or it is a company looking to streamline its recruitment process, enterprise solutions must be according to the company’s expectations.

All the above-mentioned expectations are important from an enterprise’s point of view. Let us see to what extent these expectations are met when it comes to developing a solution.

The Reality of Enterprise Application Development

There is a difference in the way enterprise applications are developed. There are some myths which need to be broken while you go ahead with enterprise app development. Let’s have a look at some of the points below.

iconSpeed is actually slow

No matter what your enterprise mobile developer is, it is a true fact that enterprise application development is a tougher task than expected. This is why it takes longer periods of time. Moreover, find the right manpower for your projects is difficult. This makes timely delivery nearly impossible.

iconProject Focused

Though is a general belief that enterprises built app keeping your project at the center line of their work. But in reality, sometimes even the Best Mobile App Development Company get busy while dealing with databases located at different digital systems which are difficult to integrate resulting in a problem for an Enterprise.

There is a reason why there are delays and incompetency from your mobile app developer. Have a look at some of the major challenges below.

Major Challenges in Enterprise Application Development


iconAccess to Data

Now, data is the prime thing which drives any enterprises workflow. Accessing a large amount of data sometimes slows the fetching of it from the database. This is where your application’s flow should be smooth enough so that it can handle thousands or hundred thousands of users at a time.

Moreover, the modern day enterprise applications though not many in numbers require offline access to data. This makes it easier for enterprises to access the data even when there is no internet connection.

iconData Encryption

Data encryption is the biggest challenges faced by Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies. As more and more enterprise want their developer to work on the concept of BYOD i.e. Bring your own device, it makes it difficult to keep the data of an enterprise in an encrypted format. Since it provides a secure mechanism for an enterprise, more and more enterprise wants their data to be encrypted so that no problem compromises with their data security.

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iconDevice Fragmentation

With the latest trends in enterprise application development, it is extremely important to test devices on various devices. Unlike in the past when BYOD was not that popular, companies need to make applications that fit only a dedicated platform like Windows or iOS. But now since more and more devices need to be tested, it creates delay and poses a challenge for developers to provide a solution that fits all screen sizes. This is where a cross-platform mobile app development solution could be built for an enterprise based app.

How to Overcome the Challenges in Enterprise App Development?

Challenges occur in almost everything; this is where we at Fluper focus on finding solutions to the problem rather than doing what most of the companies in the present day are doing. Below, we suggest some important points to over enterprise app development challenges.

mobile app development

iconApplication vulnerability tests can prevent your data from being at the mercy of hackers. These tests check if the application, server and back end services are secure enough. Moreover, it finds out the potential issues in the system that could otherwise be exploited.

iconThe designs should be built in a way that these are compatible with all the devices. For this, developers can choose the right enterprise Application Development Technologies or frameworks which make it possible to access the app on various platforms.

iconA large amount of Data needs to be maintained in a well-defined order to prevent lags which input. This can be done by optimizing the data using a smart link that  connects different applications working on a similar set of data.

                                  Wrapping This Up, Shall We?

In the modern day, all enterprise and medium to large scale businesses look for smart solutions. Yes, there are challenges which vary according to the type of enterprise app required.

Enterprise application development will continue to evolve in the years to come and of course, many companies like us are concerted towards providing better world-class enterprise apps which provide security, interoperability and improves the functioning of an enterprise in a better way than before.

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