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In the present ideal app world, viral app marketing strategies are extremely important as they help people to download your app. There are numerous successful apps that were built on the back of such word of mouth. The key factor to influence word of mouth is hiring professional mobile app developers who help you to build a fantastic app.

Why is mobile app marketing important?

In a report, it is revealed that 2.87 billion people around the world will own a Smartphone by the end of 2020.  Needless to say, the mobile app market is thriving but it does not mean that every mobile app will be successful. As numerous mobile applications are developed each year so it becomes extremely difficult to determine the success of the mobile app. So, it is a good idea to hire a reputed Android app development company that can deliver you a robust, intuitive mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies to be used in 2019

Focus on one or two strategies at a time

There are numerous marketing techniques that you can apply to applications. But if you have just started your business then you have to choose the marketing strategy wisely. Well, the best course of action is to start by focusing on one or two methods that seem to have the best chance at success. Once you found the right marketing strategy for you then you can add additional channels to your business.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization also works like SEO as its main aim is to increase the visibility of your brand. If your app performs well then definitely it can make a huge difference in your download number. If we talk about ASO, three things are most important i.e., keywords, quality of app, app page optimization.

Social Media Advertisements

The biggest benefit of using social media platform ads is the sheer volume of qualified people you can target. Various social media platforms run advertising campaigns that blend in with community content. When you use social sites for advertising then it becomes extremely easy to identify the target audience. In addition to this, you can easily target specific ages and genders and focus on people with particular interests.

Influencer Marketing

In the present era of technology, influencer marketing is getting popular day by day.  Social media is the best place where influencers talk about the app. The best thing about influencer marketing is that it is fully compatible with mobile app marketing.  In 2018, it is revealed by experts 56% of users were influenced by their friends and peers. Influence marketing is really a cheap way of advertising your product.

Partner with a mobile app marketing specialist

Mobile app marketing is quite a time-consuming process so it becomes extremely important to hire a marketing specialist. You need to hire that specialist who can quickly get your marketing campaigns in place. Make better use of your time by hiring an experienced app specialist who can quickly boost your online presence. If you need help growing your app then hire the reputed and award-winning mobile app development company to take your business to next level.

Content Marketing

It is a process of providing valuable and helpful content that can build brand presence, consumer trust, and authority. In order to create a successful marketing campaign, you have to determine what your audience interested in and what kind of information they need. If content marketing is done in a correct manner then it can produce fantastic results for your business. Besides this, you have to keep a constant level of engagement with potential users as it will enhance your business’s trustworthiness.

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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Search engines are specially designed to deliver the appropriate, useful and relevant content to the users. If you want to rank your business on the top level then you need to master the four pillars of SEO i.e., authority, relevance, user experience and site health.

PR and events

Mobile app marketing plays a significant role in the present time but we can’t ignore the power of the human to human interactions. Instead of following traditional approaches, you should use the latest marketing strategies. Suppose you are the app that teaches makeup techniques then theme an event, give out free makeovers, sample products etc. This is a good method through which you can engage the audience and receive real feedbacks.


At the time of mobile app marketing, your first priority should be making an app that solves users’ problem and after then you should head towards the latest marketing tactics. If you need an outstanding and attractive app for your business then reach out to Fluper where end-to-end custom iOS app development services are delivered to clients as per their expectations.

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