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On-demand taxi-booking apps have been incredibly popular these days as it provides the convenience of hailing taxi services from anywhere across the city at a fixed price. The progression of robust ride-hailing apps is shrinking the market of traditional taxi services.  For this reason, many traditional transport services are moving ahead towards the digital renovation of their businesses. Hence, Taxi app development trends are growing day by day.

Karwa is a Qatar-based taxi app that provides on-demand ride-hailing service across Qatar. . It has made easy transportation service in a cheaper rate. Karwa Taxi app is gaining popularity for many reasons that we’ll discuss later. But, if you’re interested in Karwa like Taxi app development and want to know the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa, you are at the right spot.

What is the Karwa Taxi App and how it works?

What is the Karwa Taxi App and how it works

Before coming to the topic of the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa, you need to know about the Karwa Taxi app. In 2016, the transportation service company Mowasalt launched the Karwa Taxi app. It is not only providing services in Doha but it reaches its wings across Qatar and helps the people of Qatar to take the taxi service on budget-price. At first, Mowasalat’s Kawa Technology began the Karwa-fox service by partnering with Fox technology. Later, Mowasalat acquired this service and commenced the Karwa-Taxi app.

By using this app one can hail a ride with a finger tap and get picked up by the nearest taxi app in very less time. The passenger can share their experience and give a rating to the driver as well as the trips. The passenger can see the trip history, trip-tracking, launch complaints if required and pay through the app for their trip. However, if you want to transform your transport service by going to Karwa like Taxi app development, you need to hire Taxi App Development Company in India.

The market size of Karwa like Taxi app development:

The first and foremost thing you need to know before proceeding with Karwa like Taxi app development and evaluating the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa is the future market size of taxi app development. In 2021 the global market size of Taxi apps was evaluated at USD 213.14 Billion. According to recent statistics, it is projected that this market will reach USD 356.47 by 2027 if it will grow at a CAGR of 8.95%. Therefore, investment in Karwa like Taxi app development will earn profit in near future.

Key Features of Karwa like Taxi app development-Key Features of Karwa like Taxi app development

The Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa is vastly dependent on the features of the solution. The more features you’ll add, the cost will be raised. Hence, any Taxi App Development Company in India estimated the cost of Karwa like Taxi app development based on the features and functionality of the application.

When you go to analyse the features of a Taxi app, you’ll see that this type of app is operated with three different types of apps that maintain the workflow of the application from riders, drivers and an admin’s end. The key features of those apps are as follows.

User or Rider’s app:

If you hire a top-notch Android or IOS App Development Company for building your app, it’ll design it innovatively.

  • Easy sign up: Hassel-free sign up of the riders to the app by providing a phone number, Email Id or Social Media Id and accessing the app by simple sign-in.
  • Push notification: User can be notified about offers, discounts, and updates timely through the In-app message, SMS and Email.
  • Book Taxi: They can book their preferred taxi on-demand by giving pickup and drop locations from the option of available taxi type and estimated fare level.
  • Schedule booking: Users can book a taxi at their scheduled time to avoid the rush of booking on pick time of the day.
  • Track location: After confirmation of booking the taxi, the riders can track the driver’s location in real time.
  • In-app calling: The passenger can communicate with the driver by chat or In-app calling by masking their original phone number once the booking is completed.
  • Multiple Payment modes: The passenger can pay the driver after completing the trip or beginning of the trip by choosing multiple payment options.
  • Trip history: The riders can check their trip history from the app.
  • Rating: The customers can rate the drivers and the trip and also share their feedback from this option.
  • Customer support: In case of any inconvenience the riders can communicate with the admin team through this option:

Driver’s App:

You should partner with a reputed Taxi App Development Company  to configure this app as it has enough expertise in Karwa like Taxi app development.

  • Registration: Drivers need to register themselves by providing valid documents related to themselves and their vehicle to obtain the approval from admin panel. After the approval, they can offer their services from this app and earn money.
  • Notification: The drivers get notified about new ride bookings, app feature changes and related matters.
  • Accept/ reject trip: They can accept or reject the ride request as per their feasibility.
  • Tracking location: The drivers can track passengers’ locations after accepting the ride request to reach out to the pickup place.
  • Track Earning: They can track earnings on a daily/ weekly or monthly basis.
  • Rating: They can store passengers’ ratings and rate the passengers also.
  • In-app calling: This facility is also available for the driver’s interface to communicate with passengers after accepting the trip.

Admin Panel:

This interface is very important to control all In-app activities. So, make sure that you’ve hired a top-rated Taxi App Development Company in India for Karwa like Taxi app development.

  • Managing drivers by adding and removing them in the app.
  • Managing passengers by improving user experience.
  • Managing complaints raised by passengers or drivers regarding the trip.
  • Monitoring all active and completed trip details within the app in real time.
  • Tracking of vehicle’s location, drivers and riders by accessing live-map.
  • Managing payment and revenue by monitoring all In-app payments.
  • Tracking reports and analytics for business improvement and making a decision.

Basic Technologies for Karwa like Taxi app development:

The Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa varies with the implemented Technologies that control the functionality of the app. Hence you need to hire a top-notch Taxi App Development Company in India that can implement the emerging technology for your app. The basic tech stacks for Karwa like Taxi app development are as follows.



SMS Adaptor Cloud communication providers like Nexmo Twilio, Plivo, Sinch
Geo Location (Navigation) Google Maps, Mapkit
Email Mandrill, SendGrid
Push Notifications Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification Service
Payment Braintree, Stripe, Paypal
Analytics Google Analytics
Device Location CoreLocation framework, Google’s Location APIs

Estimated Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa:

Estimated Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa

To evaluate the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa, you need to consider several factors that any leading Android or IOS App Development Company counted for giving an estimate of Karwa like Taxi app development. The factors are total development time, developers’ rate per hour basis, developers’ location, the complexity of the app, number of App platforms, UI/UX design, features and functionalities and more. Considering those factors any leading Taxi App Development Company in India gives an estimate of Karwa like Taxi app development $40,000 to $50,000 on average. However, the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa with basic features will be around $15,000 to $30,000. It can alter by changing the geographical region of the App Development Company.

Here is a breakdown of the approximate Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa.

  • UI/UX design- $4000 – $5000
  • Front-end development- $13000 – $15000
  • Back-end development- $9000 – $10000
  • Web Development- $8000 – $10000
  • Testing and QA- $8000 – $10000


The features and functionalities of Karwa like Taxi app development and analysis of the Cost to Develop Taxi app like Karwa will help you to plan a ride-hailing app for your business. Once you’ve planned for it, hire a top-rated Taxi App Development Company in India to craft a high-quality, profit-driven Taxi-app at an affordable price.


How much does it cost to develop a general Taxi Booking App?

The total Cost to Develop a Taxi app with mid-level complexity including the three interfaces of riders, drivers and admin is $40,000 to $50,000.

How much time requires developing a Taxi app?

It takes approximately 4-6 months to build the MVP or basic version of the app that operates in a single platform.

What are the top taxi booking apps to get inspired from?

The top ride-hailing apps are Uber, Lyft, Gett, Ola, SeeWay, GoCatch and more.

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