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Travelling and feasting on are the two most popular things which people consider to come out of their monotonous and hectic lifestyle. Mobile apps have further made both the things quite accessible and that too with greater degree of comfort and flexibility. The way Uber launched its on-demand taxi app and then an online food delivery app, both have marked exceptional presence on the app stores and are now generating huge revenues through their exciting and innovative features. The cost to develop app like UberEat depends on various factors which we will discuss in this post.We have mentioned some crucial aspects to be considered to get a robust and responsive food delivery app like UberEat.

A Brief Overview of UberEat App

OverView  of UberEat

It was 2014 when CEO Travis Kalanick came up with a unique concept to start an on-demand food delivery system besides Uber taxis. The service started with a fixed priced menu in Santa Monica, California and inviting more local restaurants, the service soon became much popular in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, New York, and Chicago. Till 2020, the service became extremely popular in almost every country including South Korea, India, and Eastern European nations.

In 2020, it generated a revenue of 4.8 billion with over 66 million users worldwide. According to fortune, it comprises 29% of the global food delivery market and is available in more than 6000 cities and supported by more than 600000 restaurants.

Understanding the Business Model of Uber Eats

In general, there are two basic models for food delivery app development; order only service and Order and Deliver services. UberEats follows the latter one where it effectively delivers the food ordered by users to their doorstep. The system is best for startup restaurants which don’t have their own mobile apps. Neither they have to bother delivery boys, they just haveto prepare the food and it will be taken straightaway.

It’s a three-way process where consumers, restaurants, and delivery boys are managed efficiently to deliver food to doorsteps. UberEats displays a list of attached restaurants on its portal and people can look for their menus, services, ratings and reviews and choose an apt one to order food. The respective restaurant gets notified for an order through an SMS and the delivery service reaches there to pick that order.

Key Features of UberEat

UberEats offers both Android and iOS app for its users with some exciting and innovative set of features to enhance their experience. You can easily figure out the cost to develop app like UberEat by considering the features and functionalities mentioned as under.

Key Feature of UberEat

Here are some must-have features that you must consider while developing your own food delivery app.

For Users

  • Social Media Sign-up
  • Restaurant Browsing
  • Custom Ordering
  • Order Tracking
  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Promo codes for Discounts
  • Push Notifications
  • Ratings & Reviews

For Delivery Agents

  • Sign-up
  • Accept/Reject Deliveries
  • Order Management
  • Notifications
  • History

For Admin Panel

  • Menu Updates
  • Profile Management
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • Availability Updates
  • Pricing

Basic Calculation Required for a Food Delivery App

  • For UI/UX Design, it will take somewhere between 40 to 50 hours with $2000 to $3000 cost
  • Including both front-end and back-end development, it will take 300 to 350 hours costing up to $ 15000
  • For technical documentation, it will take 40 hours and will cost you $ 1000 to $ 1500
  • MVP Testing will take maximum 80 hours costing you $ 2000 to $ 4000
  • Bug Fixing can take up to 40 hours and will cost between $ 1000 to $ 2000

Hence, the total development cost to develop an app like UberEat can range between $ 25000 to $ 30000. If you wish to incorporate some highly advanced features, the cost may even rise up to $ 60000 and that will make your food delivery app absolutely stunning and lucrative to add maximum ease and flexibility in user experiences.

You will have to consider developing four major panels; customer panel, delivery panel, vendors’ panel and Admin panel. As it’s food delivery app development, hence, the UI aspect will also be a deciding factor for your food delivery app’s success. Make sure that you develop an easy-to-navigate app using which users can easily browse through different restaurants and order their favourite food without any hassles and lengthy process.

Tech Stack that You Must Consider

To make a highly-responsive and swift-performing food delivery app, you must focus on advanced tech stack that your food delivery app development company will be using.

  • Use GrubHub API or Foursquare API for restaurant listings
  • Use BrainTree and Stripe for payments
  • Use Google Places API for location tracking
  • Use Google maps and Mapkit for route navigation
  • Use AWS or Azure as cloud
  • Facebook SDK for Login
  • For cloud storage, use Amazon cloud Storage
  • Use Google Analytics for Analytics

End Note

A well-planned approach and a detailed project requirement list will help you as well as your app development agency to get a clear idea of what exactly you expect out of your food delivery app. Choose a trusted and reputed app development company and focus on offering unmatched user experience through some uniquely ahead features.

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