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Rappi, a Columbian startup, has been chosen to be Latin America’s all-in-one retailer. Rappi’s strength is in instant delivery. They emphasize everything from daily food delivery to ATM withdrawals. Users will live a more comfortable life and focus on what is important to them by using this application. The on-demand delivery app is currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

Rappi, an on-demand delivery app, claims to improve users’ experiences by providing on-demand services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to know the Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone, you need to see why the reasons behind the popularity of Rappy.

Why Rappy is so popular?

Rappi launched its first service in 2015, delivering meals and goods. They gradually expanded their on-demand services to include groceries, pharmaceuticals, food, apparel, alcohol, travel, and even limited banking services.

Businesses who wish to provide the greatest on-demand delivery services to their consumers should consult the best Grocery Delivery App Development Company. Also, if you’re asking Rappi Clone like app development Cost, you should be aware of the reasons behind its popularity and those are as follows.

  • Rappi is continuously implementing new services with better quality for its consumers.
  • The demands of the customers vary with their region. So, Rappi offers different services to different regions by targeting region-wise customers.
  • Rappi maintains better communication with its consumers by replying to and taking action on customers’ feedback. It makes this company reliable to the customers.
  • Rappi gives exclusive discounts and exciting offers to the customer to increase the user base and order quantity.
  • Rappi improves its services and makes new decisions for business based on the data-driven insights that come from users’ rating and feedback.
  • Different advertising campaigns, laser-sharp focus on user experience and intelligent marketing strategies fuel Rappi to stand out from the competition.

Must have features of Rappi Clone app:

Rappi Clone like app development Cost is highly dependent on its features. Hence, to estimate the Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone, you need to know about the must-have features of the Rappi Clone app. Rappi is operated with three different apps and one admin panel and those apps have different features based on the user’s activities. The key features of each app are discussed as follows.

Customer app:

It makes the ordering procedure easier for their customers.

  • Log in or register: The user can access the app with their email address or through their social media profiles.
  • Advanced Search: This is where the user can use filters and sorting options to find the desired product or service from the search bar.
  • Push Notification: Customers receive notifications when their order status, fresh offers, and discounts are updated.
  • Real-time tracking: After placing an order, the user can track it in real time.
  • Ratings and reviews: The user can provide feedback on the service or order received.
  • Placing orders: This feature allows the user to place the order of his choice.
  • Scheduling: After placing the order, the user can arrange the order delivery time.
  • Online payment: After placing an order, the user can pay the amount using their debit or credit card through payment gateway providers.
  • Real-time message or call for service-based: The user can communicate with the service provider as well as the delivery boy in real-time.

Service Providers or Merchants app:

It assists the merchants in managing orders and their business.

  • Real-time request: They will receive real-time requests for orders and services that the user desires.
  • GPS navigation: They can track the order that the driver was supposed to deliver.
  • Payment analytics dashboard: They can check their payment from their dashboard.
  • Manage categories: If necessary, the service providers can change, add, update, and delete menu items.
  • Order management: The merchants will be able to easily handle several order requests.
  • Sending a delivery request: They can request that the order be delivered by a nearby delivery man.
  • Reports: They get comprehensive reports and analytics graphs outlining the current and future state of the business.

Driver App:

The driver app assists the delivery persons to ensuring on-time delivery of items placed.

  • Simple Registration: Here, the driver must log in or sign up for the driver app by providing some information and papers for verification.
  • Accept delivery Request: The driver will be notified by the business owners of the order to pick up the ready-to-deliver orders with specifics.
  • Accept/Reject a Request: The driver can either accept or reject the delivery request based on their availability.
  • Navigation: The GPS service was integrated into this app to provide drivers with optimised routes for on-time delivery.
  • Earnings can be tracked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by delivery service providers.

Admin Panel:

The admin panel is used to control, manage, and track all business activities.

  • Manage users: The admin has complete power over adding, removing, viewing, and managing all customer profile details.
  • Analytics and reporting: Admin will receive real-time reports on deliveries, earnings, and other metrics to help them make better business decisions.
  • Add/remove business owners: The admin can add or remove business owners, as well as administer and manage several stores from a single location.
  • Order and fleet tracking: The admin can view the fleet’s real-time status and track deliveries on a map using GPS tracking.
  • Payment Gateway Integrations: By integrating an in-app payment gateway provider, the admin can view all collected payments in a variety of ways.

Each of these modules is important in its own right, and all of the features stated above have been enhanced to produce exceptional outcomes. If you want these features of your Rappi clone app to run seamlessly, make sure that you’ve hired the right Mobile App Development Company for that.

Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone:

If you want to estimate Rappi Clone like app development Cost, you need to consider some factors, like the developer’s rate and location, app platforms, time for the development of features and their complexities, etc.

The cost of building the App ranges from $20 per hour in developing nations like India to more than $150 per hour in the United States.

As you are estimating the Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone, you need to have a basic idea about the approximate development time of any on-demand delivery app and this is as follows.

App Development Time
Backend 700 – 800 hours
iOS / Android Development 500 – 600 hours
UI design 200 – 300 hours
UX design 100 hours
Testing 400- 500 hours

According to the above break estimates, the Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone with basic features can range up to $10,000-$20,000. A pre-set solution plus simple modification will cost between $25,000 and $40,000. A turnkey system with all features created from the ground up will cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

Wrap Up:

The Rappi clone apps have the market’s fastest growing user base. So, it is time to start investing in on-demand delivery app clones. If you have a unique idea for Rappi clone apps, employing the Best App Development Company to implement that idea can secure your success. When you, know the Cost to develop app like Rappi Clone, you can easily proceed to the next step. That is hiring a reputed App Development Company for developing your desired app at the best price.

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