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Doordash is a USA-based on-demand food delivery App that is partnering with different local restaurants, deliver restaurant-made food to the customer’s doorstep. Now, this company has expanded its service by delivering all sorts of commodities like groceries, pet foods and other items for convenience to the customer’s door from the local stores. It works like Uber eat and Grubhub.

People prefer one zone for food and comfort; hence the popularity of such an On-demand food delivery app is growing by the day. Many entrepreneurs and established businesses are also prompted to create such App like Ubereat and Grubhub and Doordash. But, the thought first comes to the brain before developing such apps is what will be the Cost to develop app like Doordash. In this article, we’ll discuss this matter in detail.

The Market Share of On-demand food delivery app:

When you’re going to estimate the Cost to develop app like Doordash, you need to know the market size of On-demand food delivery app types of apps, you’ll notice that the impact has grown since the Covid-19 pandemic. People nowadays expect everything to be delivered to their door. As a result, according to statistics, the global market size of Food delivery Apps would increase by $62,836.97 million in 2030 from 6,752.32 million in 2020 if it grows at a 25% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. This image indicates that investing in App like Grubhub, Doordash is a sensible move. So you should know Doordash like app development cost

What is Doordash and how it works?

How does DoorDarsh Works

The on-demand food delivery app, Doordash provides its services in over7000 cities across the US, Japan, Australia, and Canada. It has around 18 million active users in 2022. Its revenue in first quarter of 2022 is $1.46 billion which is 35% more than the last year.

As you want to know the Cost to develop app like Doordash, you must have an idea about how it works.

DoorDash brings together customers, restaurants, and delivery providers to meet their needs on a single platform.

This digital platform is used by regular DoorDash users to search for restaurants, analyse menus, read reviews, buy meals, and get speedy home delivery with real-time monitoring.

Must-Have Features of On-demand food delivery App:

Features of Doordarsh

The Cost to develop app like Doordash is highly dependent on the features and functionalities of the application. Any On-demand food delivery app consists of three different apps and an Admin panel which is optional. The features of the three apps are as follows.

Features for Customer or User App

  • Registration

Customers must be able to log in quickly and preserve the custom configurations they made after their last log-in.

  • Buying something

Your customers’ favourite orders should be easily added, removed, or modified. If the client decides to cancel or change the purchase, you must provide a review of the final order before it is released.

  • Payment alternatives

Provide easy payment options for customers with safe and secure integrated third-party payment apps like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

  • Locating a Restaurant

Make a list of all the eateries that your customers can visit. They can quickly access information such as a menu, special offers/discounts, and customer reviews.

  • Selecting a certain drop location

This feature allows consumers to select a precise drop location for their food order to be delivered.

  • Reviewing and rating

Users can rate restaurant suppliers’ services and leave descriptive reviews.

Features for Delivery Personnel App:

  • Order management

This feature would assist delivery staff or the dashers in accepting or rejecting delivery requests.

  • Begin with a profile

They need to log in to their app in order to enter their essential information.

  • Status update

Delivery persons can show their whereabouts by using the status update feature. It allows customers to easily track their orders.

  • App navigation

This function allows the delivery provider to easily access both the pick-up and delivery locations.

Features for Partner Restaurant App

  • Log in and register their restaurants for product listing.
  • Order management: They can receive and reject customers’ orders after their payment confirmation.
  • They can send a notification to the available Dasher or Foor delivery persons and after delivering the order they can track their whereabouts by Real-time GPS tracking feature.
  • Storing Customer’s ratings and reviews helps the business to increase its visibility in the App.

Admin dashboard:

  • Managing and tracking Payments of Vendors and delivery executives.
  • Maintaining Live-database of the business by real-time tracking of staff joining, new restaurant partnering and more.
  • Getting reliable business data through statistical reports and analytics.
  • Business improvement by using CRM.
  • Providing customer services through chat or call.

These features are very important for an On-demand food delivery app. So, you need to choose a top-notch Food Delivery App Development Company to create such an app.

Technology Stack for a Food Delivery App like Ubereat, DoorDash

The Cost to develop app like Doordash also depends on the technology stack used in the app development. But, you make sure that, you’ve hired the best Food Delivery App Development Company to develop your On-demand food delivery app. The tech stack for a particular feature of the app is as follows.

For restaurant listing- Grubhub API and FourSquare API

For Payments- Square API, Stripe, Paypal

To find user location – Core location framework

To find direction – Google Map

For cloud – AWS, Azure

For registration – Facebook SDK Login

For Storage – Amazon Cloud Storage

For Analytics – Google Analytics

Cost to develop app like Doordash

To estimate the Cost to develop app like Doordash, consider several elements such as the developer’s fee and location, app platforms, time for feature development and the complexities of the app, and so on.

Considering the above factors, if we go to evaluate Doordarsh-like app development cost, we’ll find that the approximate time requires developing a basic On-demand food delivery app.

iOS app development requires at least 650 hours.

More than 690 hours are required to accomplish Android development.

Development requires at least 225 hours to complete.

It would take more than 60 hours to finish the administrative panel.

The cost of developing an On-demand food delivery app would be approximately 975 hours or more. The hourly rate for app development should be around $50.

If you bring those figures together, the total estimate might be $48,750 or higher. If you’ve hired a Mobile App Development in a country other than India, the figures would be identical.

India has the lowest development rate. Doordash like app development cost might be reduced to $18000 to $20000. India offers development assistance for as little as $18 to $30 per hour.

Wrap Up:

Any On-demand food delivery app like Doordash aims to give its services in the comfort zone of its consumers. This service will earn a lot of money in the future because of commissions from delivery charges, charges for store promotion, and commissions from commercials and subscriptions. The Cost to develop app like Doordash is negligible in comparison to the revenue you can earn from it. Instead of worrying about Doordash like app development cost, you could focus on conducting extensive research on the app’s features with the assistance of experts. The Experts, from a reputed Mobile App Development Company, can assist you in designing a fully functional app at the most affordable price.

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