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Almost 60% of the global companies prefer offshore nations for software development to optimize their costs. Ukraine, Brazil, India, and Egypt are among the top preferred nations from where software development can offer you maximum benefits. However, the offshore developer rates vary from country-to-country but you can still save 40% to 70% of the total development cost for your upcoming app development project. Having an app for your business has almost become a necessity rather than an advantage. No matter whatever product or service you offer, if you don’t have an app, your complacent approach towards business may end your journey in this stiffly competitive online business environment.

Egypt has recently gained much popularity among worldwide businesses when it comes to develop a sophisticated software solution. Apart from affordable per hour development rates, you can grab multiple benefits by hiring an Android app development company from Egypt. This blog will provide crucial insights on app development cost and some other important app development aspects that you must consider.On-Demand App Development

Factors Affecting the Development Cost in Egypt

Before we proceed with in-depth analysis of cost to develop app in Egypt, you need to understand some basic factors that primarily affect the entire app development life cycle. As outsourcing app development services have become a common scenario these days, we must also consider these factors to evaluate exact development cost. Let’s discuss these one by one.

Type of App: There are different types of apps that you can prefer to launch for your target audience. The decision depends on the type of audience that you are going to target and the type of product or service that you are offering through your app. If you hire a mobile app development company in Egypt to develop a native app, you will need to hire two different teams for both Android and iOS. This will certainly require huge investment but in terms of performance and functionality, native apps are just unmatched.

Choosing to develop a cross-platform or a web-based app will be quite affordable as it requires a single code base to perform on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux). Most startups generally prefer such type of app development as they are both cost-effective and time saving.

Number of Features: An app is generally known for its exciting and amazing features and functionalities. The more useful features you provide to users, the better will be the chances that your app will gain instant recognition among worldwide users.

Incorporating each feature in your app will require investing time and money into it. Hence, the app should neither be overloaded with excessive features nor fall short of essential and must-have features to enhance its usability and essence.

Use of Advanced Technologies: Some major app development projects may require certain advanced technologies like AI, ML, AR/VR, and Blockchain to serve the desired purpose through your business app. Using these latest and trendy technologies will surely require investment in installing these technologies through different software and tools. This will surely add to the development cost.

App Design: Every app owner demands unique UI/UX designs that make an app look stunningly different and discrete from millions of other apps. A mobile app development company have to instruct its designers to really work hard to get some amazing and astonishing app designs by being creative and using some best advanced tools and software to deliver you desired app designs. The more time and effort they will take to satisfy you, the more you will be charged for that.

Project Complexities: Mobile apps widely differ in functionalities. Some basic apps may require a simple framework where only users have to be managed while travel apps require partnering with different service providers through a single app. The number of panels to be developed within an app will also account for increase in development cost.

There are some other aspects too which add to the development cost of an app like third party integrations, marketing cost etc. but the above-mentioned factors will contribute majorly to the development cost.

Now, we have evaluated several app development projects based on these factors and have tried to come up with app development costs in Egypt for different types of app development projects.

Basic App Development: USD 15000 to USD 22000 (90 to 100 working days)

Data-driven App Development: USD 35000 to USD 42000 (90 to 120 working days)

Complex & Customized App Development: USD 55000 to USD 65000 (150 to 180 working days)

These costs are thoroughly evaluated considering an average per hour development rate in Egypt ($40 per hour) and all the above-mentioned factors that may add to the cost of development for any Android app development company in Egypt.

All these estimates are for developing a native app from scratch and for a single platform (iOS or Android). Hence, planning to launch a native app for both the platforms will certainly double this estimate for that particular category.

Advantages of App Development in Egypt

Advantages of App Development in Egypt

Choosing Egypt for your upcoming app development project will come with multiple benefits that you can enjoy. We have listed some here to bring you one more step ahead towards your app development project.

Post Launch Technical Support

Any reputed and experienced Android app development company in Egypt will offer you thorough post-launch technical support for your app so that it performs uninterruptedly on the app stores and your users can download it easily without any hassles. This will certainly give you a good start right from the beginning.


Affordability of apps in Egypt

Egypt is known for its affordable software development across the globe. You can save up to 30% to 55% of the total app development cost that you would have been charged by any other country like UK, US, or Australia.

App Maintenance

App Maintenance in Egypt

Development agencies in Egypt believe in retaining their clients with their exceptional support and services. They offer the best package for entire maintenance cost for your app within a year or for any fixed interval. They will constantly keep your app updated with latest trends and according to changing user behaviors.

Constantly Innovative

Constantly Innovative

Any mobile app development company in Egypt focuses on constant innovation in app development technologies and adopt the best advanced procedure to deliver you swift performing apps with absolute secured data and privacy.

End Note

So, before you make any decision on the cost to develop app in Egypt, conduct thorough research on some reputed and experienced app development agencies in Egypt to get maximum advantages out of your app development project.Contact Trustable app development Company

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