Mobile technology has contributed towards making human lazy and less productive, increasing their dependence on smartphones even more. Mobile application development companies have unending sectors to exploit and supply chain is the most crucial part of enterprise mobility solutions. Supply chain and logistics ensure proper tracking and monitoring inventory movement to execute procurement transactions and refilling empty warehouses, timely deliverance of goods and such other functions that require attentiveness to cut down damage and loss usually caused by human errors. This is exactly where the mobile apps for logistics breathe the fresh air of relief for enterprises that save extra hours which otherwise can be employed in more productive work.

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Let’s get a glimpse of few such mobile applications that cater to acquiring efficient supply chain management solutions for Android users:

  • Logistimo Plus- This particular application designed on Android platform to manage the logistics process in emerging markets as remote as rural areas. This particular application generated a real-time picture of the inventory and orders and also prepares reports on sales and purchases across this application framework. Agents receive alerts on various events that are either in the form of SMS or emails, stock recommendation and or order replenishment is pushed into the user’s handset. Tracking and order management gets all the more simple with such applications.


  • Supply chain management- Android app development companies thought of developing an application that supports the network of business processes linked together to achieve the desired result and that is to offer material and services to the end users through seamless coordination and strategizing across businesses to improve the overall performances of the parties involved, forming a part of the logistics and supply chain management system.


  • Mobile SCM- This particular application aids in controlling the trade and logistics, at the same time, cut down cost incurred from the entire process thereby contributing to enhancing business ROI. It monitoring stock movement from the warehouse, customer shipments, reconcile inventory to track fleet and shipment.


  • Link Bollore Logistics- This logistic android application contains features that manage the shipment of ordered goods and transport the same and generate reports through push notifications even if the phone is offline. Apart from monitoring, the application aids accessing shipment documents, finalizing the delivery process and assenting the same direction on the screen and evaluate the overall quality of the service on delivery.


  • Scandit– This is an application that aids the inventory manager in barcode scanning even while he is traveling. Unlike the previous apps, this one supports both the iOS as well as the android versions. Scandit is enabled with cross-platform capabilities facilitating easy sharing of data across other smartphones, tablets, and computers.


  • EazyStock Inventory optimization software, this particular cloud-based application tracks useless or bad stock in a warehouse to get rid of the same at the right time to avoid unnecessary loss, at the same time, enhancing the quality of healthy inventory that can be converted into profit. The KPI dashboards display month to month stacking of goods to cut costs that make forecasting and inventory planning easy.


  • Logistics & supply chain- A part of Europe’s strategic logistics and supply chain management resource, offers thought leadership, incisive commenting and expert analysis on global logistics and supply chain issues. The entire process is achievable within a matter of few minutes with mere accessing the smartphone application.


  • CoPilot Truck- Not directly related to core logistic and scam, this application aids professional truck driver with real-time information pertaining to chalking out of efficient routes to be followed for those that carry hazardous material from one place to another with proper navigation model forming a part of the smooth supply chain management process.


  • ServiceMax- This particular application caters a range of services from field service contracts, order management, workforce optimization, parts management, social media customer monitoring, customer communities and analytics cumulated to form a part of the company’s sales force system.

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Time to conclude

Enterprises and entrepreneurs can consider making use of the mentioned logistics apps for Android to shed off the unnecessary burden of managing the complicated process. One error in a supply chain can end up in disrupting the entire production and supply department of the organization. Hiring dedicated mobile app developer such as Fluper can actually guide any budding entrepreneur across the intricacies involved in designing a well optimized logistic application.

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